Testimonials for Sylvan of Calgary Southeast

At Sylvan Learning of Calgary Southeast, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • Our daughter is in Grade 11 math and started Sylvan with a overall mark of 40% . She was attending the extra help at school and still was not getting anywhere, her self confidence was getting lower and lower, and she was constantly doubting herself. After only 2 hours at Sylvan she wrote her first test, got a 65% which was the highest mark in the class according to her teacher. Within the first month of Sylvan her math mark is now at a 58% and she is more confident with herself, happy to go to Sylvan each time, and is helping kids in her class. Thank you Sylvan Learning!!!!!

    Aiden W.
  • Sylvan has been so great for our son. He loves going there and loves the point system they use. In fact, we've incorporated a similar point system at home as well because it works so well. Since he began at Sylvan, he no longer views reading "work" and actually enjoys it.

    Ryan L.
  • It has been since the beginning of the school year that my boys (5 and 8 years old) have fully adapted to this program.They go to Sylvan 8 hours per week, and I can say that we as a family have seen many positives changes not only in cognitive are but emotionally, they are more enthusiastic about going to school, their self-esteem has improved because they feel confident in the academic area. I really recommend this program to parents that are struggling trying to help their kids at home.

    Miguel M.
  • I love how quick Sylvan was to get my son in for an assessment. It’s also great to see that my son is so eager to write and how proud he is to show me his work.

    Amanda P.
  • We don't feel like money is being wasted because we see major improvement both academically and socially everytime we put them in Sylvan! The style and quality of education our kids receive is amazing. Would definitely recommend Sylvan SE!

    Monica M.
  • Sylvan SE is extremely professional, they are thorough and they can be counted on to follow through. I like their 'can do' attitude.

    Honor C.