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Increasing technology use: Helping students learn about robots, apps, while building their confidence

Mar 06, 2017
Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills are becoming even more critical for success, particularly for 21st-century career paths. Did you know that 70 per cent of top jobs in Canada require expertise in science STEM? Even if a career is not directly related to STEM, it will likely require skills ranging from web design to database management to app creation. While it may seem that today’s children, who are immersed in technology from a young age, will be well prepared to meet these needs, the reality is that this immersion does not translate to understanding of how their devices are made or function.
Learning STEM related skills not only sets kids on a path for career success, it promotes problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, innovation and creativity. If kids are engaged in STEM from the beginning, not only will they learn all those essential skills, they will be motivated to pursue the necessary education that will shape their careers. Sylvan aims to help young children understand that STEM is fun and useful with interactive classes and workshops.
The Sylvan coding courses help kids learn programming basics in a very kid-friendly way. They are not writing lines and lines of code. Instead they use very visual and intuitive building blocks that make it easy to learn. Kids work on projects, like creating animations and building actual video games, so they’re having fun while learning critical STEM skills.
Sylvan coding features cutting-edge game design classes, perfect for kids already interested in technology (especially Minecraft), or families looking to expose their children to STEM concepts and inspire creativity. Sylvan coding students learn from trained professionals to use visual coding blocks to create computer games and animate stories. Kids have a blast learning basic coding, problem solving , logic, physics and more. They build games, build apps and build confidence, all at the same time.
If your kid prefers to build with Legos than play video games, they should try Sylvan’s robotics classes to take their creations further. Kids in the Sylvan robotics class will learn engineering concepts like how pulleys and levers and motors work. And they develop programming skills as well, because once they build their Lego models, they program the models to life into robots — they move and make sounds.
Students have a blast while getting exposure to critical STEM skills and working as young scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Students build and program each robot with the help of experts — all while making friends and having a great time developing new skills through structured lessons that teach STEM concepts through active learning strategies. What could be better for March break?
In addition to these STEM programs, Sylvan continues to offer an encompassing suite of programs for all students, from primary to Grade 12 and beyond, from early literacy to university prep and everything in between. For more information, call Sylvan at 902-422-7323 or email
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