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Local Tutoring News in Halifax

Keep on top of your child's learning as they steam forward

Mar 28, 2017
By Jen Taplin for Metro Halifax

At this time of year, students often feel like they have been in school for a long time and summer is still far away. It is difficult to maintain momentum, buckle down and finish off the school year on a good note, said Hannah Horne-Robinson, Executive Director of Sylvan Learning Centre.
“If they have had some challenges throughout the year they may not be as motivated to do extra work now, and students in advanced classes may be feeling overwhelmed,” she said.
Sylvan's certified teachers help students catch up, keep up and get ahead by focusing on basic skills like reading and math, plus helping students study and prepare for end-of-year exams.
Horne-Robinson has some great tips for parents and students to keep focused as they steam towards the end of the school year:
- Collect all school work and organize it chronologically to make review easy.
- Set up a study schedule to review concepts. If you start now, you only need to do 5 minutes a night on each subject.
- Practice study strategies together, such as, flashcards and creating practice questions.
- Many students won't speak up about challenges so parents need to ask the right questions and monitor student work and progress
“Our study skills program teaches time management, note taking, organization, homework preparation, test taking strategies, and test taking preparation,” Horne-Robinson said.
If a student is struggling in math or English, Sylvan's assessment will help to pinpoint the reading and math skills a student needs to be confident, successful and able to perform at or above grade level. Then Sylvan develop s a personalize d program which targets each student's unique needs.
Sylvan aims to find a solution for every family. They work with parents to find a schedule and payment plan that fits their needs, and with four locations and alternating schedules, Sylvan is very flexible.
“We create a positive atmosphere and use a token motivational system to provide some extrinsic reward while students develop skills and confidence,” she said. “Our students work in small group settings and receive individual attention. It is a very hands-on, face to face style of learning environment.”
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