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Avoiding Test Stress

Feb 03, 2016
Test stress happens to just about everyone, but for some kids, it means sweaty palms, racing hearts, and minds going into overdrive with thoughts of failure. Here are ways to ease the testing jitters: 
Have a studying strategy. Look at how your child studies. Is it too late in the day? Is your child hungry? Are there distractions? Do your best to set your child up for success: a healthy snack, a quiet study corner, a good night’s sleep, and no electronics nearby.
Have a test-taking strategy. When your child first sits down to write a test, he or she should flip through it to gauge how many questions there are and what’s involved. Answer the easy questions first, and then backtrack to answer the difficult ones. Save time to check answers, and encourage your child to ask the teacher if a question needs to be clarified.
Think positive. Negative thoughts can sap your child’s mental strength. Reframe negative ideas: “I never do well on tests” becomes “You studied hard for the test last week and improved.”
Be supportive. The morning of a test is not the time to suggest your child should have prepared better, went to bed earlier, or to argue about breakfast. Remain calm and encouraging—your anxious test taker needs good vibes.
We have many more helpful tips! One of our learning experts visited CTV Morning Live to share studying and test-taking strategies—watch the segment here on the CTV website.
Being prepared goes a long way to helping students approach tests with ease. Start today by asking how the Study Skills programs at Langley Sylvan Learning can help your child establish good study habits, improve confidence and get better grades.