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CTV Interview: Building Your Child’s Writing Skills

Feb 16, 2016
Writing is an integral part of any child's academic success. It's a skill that’s used not only in the subject of Language Arts, but across the curriculum. In Math, students may need to describe how they solved a problem. In Science, they may be asked to write a paragraph to explain a concept. In Social Studies or History, they may need to compose an essay.
Like any skill, writing improves with practice. Parents can start by supporting their children’s writing skills at home, making it easier and more enjoyable for students.
From working on a story together to crafting clues for a scavenger hunt, we have lots of ideas on how families can make writing fun. Watch our recent segment on CTV Morning News to learn more.
Our tutors at Langley Sylvan Learning can help your child to improve writing skills at any grade level, from elementary to high school. Please contact us at (604) 532-0030 to learn more.