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CTV Interview: Fun Math Activities to Try at Home

Apr 12, 2016
Math is an important skill that we use every day, from telling time to counting change and staying on a budget.
While some children might struggle with math, they can master the skills with effort and regular practice. In fact, the more often kids use math, the more natural it will seem to them.
Sylvan Learning stopped by CTV Morning Live to share ideas on incorporating math into your child’s daily life. Here are some of the ideas we shared on the segment:
Play store with young children. Ask kids to put prices on items. Go shopping in the store and then ask questions such as, “I only have $5. What can I buy? What items should I put back?"
Have fun with sports statistics. Kids who like sports can figure out how many points their favourite team needs to be in first place, or the average number of goals scored per game this season. 
Play number games in the car. While you're driving to dance class, ask your child to choose a number. Then guess the number with questions like, "Is it divisible by 2? Can I get to it by counting by 3's?"
Apply math to the real world. If your teen wants to purchase an expensive item, how many weeks of allowance will they need to save? How many soccer games will they have to ref to earn the money?
We have many more tips for practicing math outside of school! Watch our interview in its entirety on the CTV website.
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