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Making History Come Alive

Oct 10, 2016
“History is boring!” 
Children often complain about studying history, whether they’re learning about the Middle Ages or World War II. It’s important, however, to encourage kids to take an interest in the past.
Studying history teaches important skills, such as learning to research, analyze, and compare current problems with what’s happened in the past. Many global issues—such as the economy, the environment, religious freedom, political tensions, and immigration concerns—evolved from past events. 
Parents can help to inspire a child's interest in history: 
Start with your family history. Bring out old photos, documents and heirlooms. How has life changed from a century ago? Trace where your ancestors came from on a map. Did the choices they made impact your life today? 
Visit museums and historic sites. History isn’t all about text books. Explore artifacts and old photos. Reinforce what kids see by having them write a postcard or journal entry from that time period. 
Encourage creativity. Kids who like to perform can create a mock TV news story, researching and reporting on an historical event. Aspiring filmmakers can enlist friends to create a short video, similar to the “Heritage Minutes” that summarize important Canadian events. 
Read historical fiction. The drama and emotion of a story can bring an event to life. Kids can also write their own fictional story based on a true event. 
“Who am I?” Make it a game. Take turns picking historical figures, and asking questions to guess who they are.