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Making Homework Manageable

Aug 29, 2016
The best time to establish a homework routine is before the school year gets too busy! Start the year strong with these tips on making homework and studying manageable.
Study in your own place. Have a place dedicated to homework. Keep it organized, with all of your supplies, books, and equipment in easy reach. You can’t concentrate if you’re rooting around in a disorganized mess.
Plan. Figure out when your best study time is. Some like to get their homework done right away, so their evenings are free. Others like to let off steam after school, so they socialize, play sports, or have a part-time job. And, yes, there really are “morning people,” who like to study early in the day, when it’s quiet.
Prioritize. What’s the most important task? Today’s chemistry test is probably more urgent than the book report due in two weeks.
Organize. Concentrating is much easier if your notebooks – written or electronic – are organized in a way that puts information in your hands and head easily.
Break big tasks into smaller ones. Big tasks intimidate. Smaller ones don’t. So it makes sense to break your major projects – book reports, term papers, science fair projects – into easily manageable chunks.
Study with friends. Study buddies keep you on track. When you study with equally-determined friends, you all reap the benefits. 
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