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Study Tips: Give Your Kids a Quiz!

Apr 22, 2016
Teachers often give pre-quizzes at school. It’s a helpful way for students to see what concepts they’ve mastered and where they need to spend additional time and effort studying.
This is also a good strategy to try at home. Here are some tips on quizzing kids at home:
Give the quizzes yourself. Spend time asking questions from notes, the textbook, online reading, or teacher materials. 
Make flash cards. Flash cards are helpful for material that needs to be learned with “automaticity,” or with such mastery that you don’t even think about it. 
Encourage study buddies. When kids quiz each other, they’re particularly serious about doing well. They might also come up with questions that are tougher than anything the teacher will throw at them.
Use a stopwatch. Timed quizzes add another dimension to studying. Set a timer for a minute or two and see how many questions your child can answer. This can be useful for material students need to know off the top of their heads.
Keep a progress chart. Kids like to see progress in tangible form. Create a simple chart of correct answers, new concepts mastered, or improved times. Show how studying improves learning and grades.
Talk about test-taking strategies. Remind your child of good practices for test day. Relax. Read directions carefully. Answer easy questions first, then go back and deal with the others. Keep an eye on the time. 
Good study habits can make a big difference in a student’s grades and confidence. Ask us about Study Skills programs at Langley Sylvan Learning.