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Tips for Report Card Success

Oct 21, 2015
How is your child doing at school? Report cards will be coming home soon, but you can start now to set the foundation for a successful term.
Here are tips to help your child to stay ahead of the game at school: 
  • Talk about school every day. Make it part of the routine. If you wait until report cards come home, it may be too late.
  • Establish academic goals.These should be short and long range and age-appropriate. 
  • Discuss concerns with the teacher. Be proactive, and address any skills gaps early. 
  • Establish a study plan with your child. Encourage good study habits and set aside adequate time for homework and studying. 
  • Recognize success. Praise accomplishments and improved study habits or behaviour. 
  • Get help immediately. If a child seems to be struggling, he or she may need extra support from teachers or tutors to improve. Ask for help before your child falls behind.
Watch this short video (YouTube) for more tips on avoiding surprises at report card time. 
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