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Testimonials for Sylvan of Oakville Ontario

At Sylvan Learning of Oakville Ontario, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • Sylvan has changed our lives - twice now! They worked very hard to customize a program for our daughter that is "outside the box" and would provide us with significant results in a short period of time. The results are remarkable - passion for learning is back and there is no longer frustration in our house! A quote from Teigan: "I really enjoy it a lot, it's fun to be there and I am always looking forward to going". Thank you to the Sylvan Oakville team!

    Jan B.
  • Our child greatly enjoys going to Sylvan-Oakville. Their staff is genuinely caring and are determined to help kids with their academics. We've seen improvement in our child's performance at school and also in the level of confidence when confronted with more challenging tasks. It's a fun and welcoming environment to learn in and we highly recommend Sylvan for anyone looking for a tutoring program.

    Asti T.
  • Our daughter needed help with comprehension in order to understand instructions. We are very pleased with how things are going so far. Our daughter's confidence in following specific instructions has improved and she really enjoys going to Sylvan Oakville! The staff have been very supportive and understanding of our questions and there has never been any hesitation in conforming things for us and to make this a smooth transition. Thank you!

    Janis C.
  • 20% grade increase! Our daughter has been tutored at Sylvan Oakville for 2.5 years since we realized that she was having reading comprehension challenges. She completed Sylvan's academic reading and writing programs and progressed to homework help as needed. Her days of struggling are behind her. We are particularly proud of her A-level mark in Grade 9 Academic English. Thanks Sylvan - you have played a huge role in her success!

    Mora T.
  • The Oakville Sylvan staff is the best. They have exceeded my expectations for my grandchildren. They have been brought up to level, they are confidant in themselves and their abilities. One of my grandchild would like to attend Sylvan full time as she feels the school is not providing properly for her. That says a lot!

    Carol M.
  • I find directors and teachers work very closely with the students. Upfront assessment and ongoing assessment and feedback is very valuable and appreciated. Most importantly, both of my kids look forward to going to Sylvan Oakville. I have used other tutoring services in the past but I find Sylvan's approach to be exceptionally best in every category.

    Umar S.
  • The people I have met with at Sylvan Oakville are very helpful and understands the challenges that some parents may deal with in each individual case. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating, which is infinitely appreciated with busy schedules and busy lives. The results speak for itself - my daughter's confidence and abilities have improved tenfold.

    Christine S.
  • Although my daughter struggles with schoolwork, she loves going to Sylvan Oakville. Her teachers are kind, and knows how to keep her motivated. The staff is courteous, friendly, and caring. I feel that they are truly committed to helping my child succeed and that they are not simply punching in and out each day. They should be very proud of the great work that they do.

    Claudia H.
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