Meet our Pickering Tutoring Staff


Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Pickering consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Pickering know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Pickering!

  • Sulaman Opel, Executive Director and Franchise Owner

    Sulaman Opel

    Executive Director and Franchise Owner

    Sulaman is the Executive Director and Centre Owner. He has extensive business management expertise in Education. Sulaman is also responsible for ensuring Sylvan's high operating standards are met and that parents and students enjoy the maximum benefits from their Sylvan experience.
  • Kristina Harris, B.Ed., OCT, Lead Teacher

    Kristina Harris, B.Ed., OCT

    Lead Teacher

    Kristina is our lead teacher; she's very popular with students of all ages.  She can teach all Sylvan programs, as well as Biology and Chemistry.  Kristina strives to create an engaging minds-on learning environment where students are motivated to succeed.  She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Toronto, as well as a Bachelor of Education from York University.  In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies, traveling and socializing. 
  • Ashini Fernando, B.Ed., OCT, Teacher

    Ashini Fernando, B.Ed., OCT


    Ashini is a very compassionate and enthusiastic teacher.  She has a gift for working with students with special needs. While she has many tutoring talents, Ashini finds the greatest joy in teaching the Beginning Reading program.  She has a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Sociology from York University, and a degree in Bachelor of Education from Trent University.  When Ashini is not teaching at Sylvan, she likes spending time with her family and friends.
  • Chuck Bryksa, B.Ed., OCT, Teacher

    Chuck Bryksa, B.Ed., OCT


    Chuck has over 34 years of teaching experience with the Toronto District School Board. While he has many tutoring talents, he finds the greatest joy teaching the Sylvan Academic Reading and Writing programs. He studied at University of Toronto's Teachers College and at Queen’s University. In his free time, he enjoys going on motorcycle tours and reading books.
  • Naveen Fathima, B.Ed., Senior Math Teacher

    Naveen Fathima, B.Ed.

    Senior Math Teacher

    Naveen specializes in senior level mathematics. While she enjoys teaching younger students, she is in her element teaching math to high school students, all the way up to college level. She has several years of teaching experience and has two post graduate degrees in Mathematics from Madras University in India.
  • Meghan McGill, PhD., Senior Math/Science Teacher

    Meghan McGill, PhD.

    Senior Math/Science Teacher

    Meghan is our math and science specialist. She has a doctoral degree in Astronomy from University of Western, Ontario, and a Bachelors degree from University of Guelph. Meghan is all math and science all the time, but every once in a while, she enjoys baking and going to the cinema.
  • Shayam Garth, B.Ed., OCT, Teacher

    Shayam Garth, B.Ed., OCT


    Shayam is a tutor at the Sylvan Learning centre in Pickering, Ontario. While she has many tutoring talents, she finds the greatest joy in tutoring the Sylvan Academic Reading and Math programs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University, as well as a Bachelor of Education from Trent University. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and spending time with family and friends.
  • Caroline Wilson, B.Ed., OCT, Teacher

    Caroline Wilson, B.Ed., OCT


    Caroline teaches all grades at Pickering, with a specialty in French as a Second Language. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish literature, and completed her Bachelor of Education at The University of Western Ontario. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys curling, soccer, and spending time with her friends and family.