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Science for kids in Vaughan Ontario


Science for kids in Vaughan Ontario

Exploring science through robotics

What’s the coolest way to introduce kids to science (and robotics)? How about this? 

You give the kids fun, real-world challenges in science and the environment to get their hands and minds whirling. You turn to the creative experts at LEGO® Education for their awesome WeDo 2.0 software and construction sets, so the kids can create, explore and share their discoveries. You add in some cool robots. (Bots make everything better.) And, oh yes, you make these science programs very affordable. Boom!

Sylvan of Vaughan Ontario is so excited to offer science programs for kids! Our science classes are not only super fun, but they also give kids access to new experiences and 21st century skills.

Give your child an edge in science

With Sylvan of Vaughan Ontario's science programs, you’re going to love watching your child become more and more interested in hands-on problem solving and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

You’ll feel great that your child is:

•  Exploring real and relevant challenges that bring science to life.
•  Learning essential science concepts that will make a big impact in school.
•  Developing 21st century skills (such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration) that will help in school and careers.
•  Having a blast using the coolest digital tools from LEGO® Education — tools that will improve your child’s computational thinking skills.

How science programs for kids work

In our science programs, the kids work with partners in a supportive, small group setting. Each session, they’re given a real-world science or environmental question to explore. The kids put on their detective hats and design, build and program robots to investigate everything from physics to earth sciences. 

At the end of each session, the kids work on a fun project summary. It reinforces the skills and concepts they’ve learned. Plus, it’s a great tool to continue the STEM discussion at home.

Meanwhile, you’re kept in the loop the whole time. You can expect regular emails from us sharing your child’s progress and all the exciting things being learned.

What makes Sylvan of Vaughan Ontario's science programs special?

•  Unique STEM curriculum aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, so what your child is learning will make an impact at school. (Cheers to that!)
•  A fun, highly interactive environment that encourages creativity, exploration and hands-on problem solving.
•  Small class size and personal attention to build your child’s confidence and make learning more fun. (We have no more than 12 students per class.
•  The newest and greatest LEGO technology — known as WeDo 2.0 — for a big-time cool factor. (Science and robots... Enough said!)
•  Exciting projects and challenges that stretch your child’s mind and spark an early love for STEM.

Want to Give Your Child Academic Success Today?

Call us at (289) 236-5414 or fill out this form. We'll contact you shortly to discuss your needs and ways to achieve your goals.
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