Testimonials for Sylvan of Edmonton

At Sylvan Learning of Edmonton, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • Outstanding professionalism is obviously the by-word of the Sylvan Learning Centre and my child's teacher. I will definitely be recommending the school to my friends, and I will be looking at further assistance, if needed, for my child again in the future. My child's teacher, Nancy, is amazing. She is able to handle my autistic child with ease and reassure her when she is worried about learning. Nancy makes teaching look like a walk in the park! Thanks so much, Nancy!

  • I love the encouraging, friendly positive staff. Our tutor is so encouraging and incredibly patient. My son loves his lessons and had the duration and number of sessions increased at his request.

  • Friendly staff and awesome results for our son. The results were better and quicker than we expected. Our son’s confidence has grown, his school and study skills greatly improved as well. 

  • My son really enjoyed the robotics class. Instructors were hands on and he is interested in taking it again.

  • Yes I have shared to many friends about Slyvan. Our daughters both went to Sylvan for different classes and it helped them understand the course material better. We have been really satisfied with the final outcome of investing in our daughters education with the help provided through Sylvan.

  • I like the professionalism, curriculum, staff quality and level of engagement to keep the student motivated and interested in learning.

  • My son felt very comfortable with the teachers and the help paid off! He was able to pass his course.

  • They offer flexible hours, and teach you to do your best to make your goal!

  • The feedback is very helpful. My son really appreciates the atmosphere. The instructors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

    S. P.
  • Very professional, friendly and non judgmental. Puts students at ease and more importantly helped raise grade levels.

    J. M.
  • I appreciate that the communication is very open with the staff and that my kids not only enjoy going to Sylvan they are successful with their additional learning received through Sylvan - seeing my kids confident means as much to me as their improved grades.

    L. T.
  • I love everything about Sylvan! The staff are great, the program has worked wonders, and my boys are doing very well in school now. Thanks West Edmonton Sylvan!

    J. C.
  • Great teachers and the prizes made it super rewarding!

  • My niece had great time in Sylvan in this summer. Her mother tongue is not English and she has been taking her English classes in my country since when she was grade 1. However, it was hard for her to improve her language skills in my country due to the environment factor that most people don’t use English often and due to instructors who might be using Chinese to teach English. However, after she took the lessons from Sylvan not only her English skill has been improved rapidly but also her confidence of using English has been increased. Teachers were able to understand what exact she needs in order to help her and they were able to know how to help her. I am glad that she had the chance to study in Sylvan and I would strongly recommend Sylvan to anyone who needs help for their schooling.

    L. L.
  • I like the fact that the assessment completed really shows where the learning deficiencies are. Also, the fact that skills must be mastered before moving on to the next level. It is also good that the children do not feel bad or "dumb" about their deficiencies.

  • It is a systematic way of teaching. The student cannot move forward until they have mastered the concept.

    E. C.
  • The way you teach kids is excellent.

    S. A.
  • When my son started struggling with the Math 30 (AP) program, I looked at another tutoring centre and was immediately turned off when they said that they would have to take him back a full year and tutor him in every subject (he had done fine in Math 20 and was in the 80's + for all other subjects). With Sylvan he went in and they concentrated on the math and only math. His sessions were generally done just with him or occasionally with 1 other child, giving him undivided attention. As a result of the work that he has done with Sylvan he has been granted an interview with Cambridge University in England.

  • One on one attention given to the students - the confidence instilled in my son by the teachers.

    S.D. and K.D.
  • Good value for the help my child receives.

  • That it works! My son was pretty much unable to read before he started at Sylvan. We are very happy with Sylvan and progress that my son has made. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone! Also the teachers are great! Thank you to them : )

    J. H.
  • I like the expertise and patience of the tutors. I also appreciate the flexibility of tutorial times. 

  • Sylvan has been a great thing for our son. He is a totally different student and child at home. He is so much happier and confident.

  • Program specifically tailored for my child's needs is very important. Flexible hours is also a plus.

  • The flexibility, the help that you have given my son! The professionalism.

  • The personal touch; when my grand daughter requested Blaine, she was accommodated; when she had very specific issues in physics and math, they were addressed.

  • I like that they are able to focus on individual subjects. One learning service that I looked into said that they would have to work on all subjects. My son who is in high school was only having difficulty with math. To have worked on all subjects would have been a waste of time. As a result of his work with Sylvan, my son was interviewed by Cambridge University and has been accepted into three other universities.

  • Extremely professional, yet also approachable and friendly instructors - A very positive experience!

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and flexible.

  • Knowledgeable instructors.

  • I have been so impressed with how quickly my daughter was able to catch up on her studies. Thanks to Sylvan she is not behind and is understanding the material better.

  • Tailored to the individual needs of the learners, the instructors are competent, flexible schedule.

  • The results and positive attitude that my son is leaving with each lesson

  • Flexible schedule, program tailored to my child.

  • The individual attention paid to specific subjects. Some tutoring services require that the child be tutored in all subjects even though very few children have difficulty with every subject. One tutoring service I contacted wanted to take my son back an entire grade to start with. If your child is in high school, that's just not feasible.

  • The individual attention that was so needed for my granddaughter to learn. She was not lost in a class of students but due to the ratio of 3 to 1, anything she was not able to grasp was quickly noticed. She did not "fall through the cracks" at Sylvan like she did in the regular class setting.

  • Friendly, professional, intellectual instruction.

  • Each lesson is very specific to my child and he can choose what topics to work on.

  • The success that my son feels!

  • The fact that my son smiles now in regards to his math. He's actually requested to stay for longer hours when in the beginning he'd be so emotionally upset at the mere mention of math. That's huge for our family. THANK YOU Sylvan!

  • The success that my kids feel with their achievements!

  • Consistency, honest and friendly atmosphere.

  • Our child is very excited to come learn about math which he did not love in school.

  • Kids like it and and definitely improves self confidence with noticeable results.

  • What I really like is that the program can be molded around your child for there needs. The staff works well and interacts with your child to meet their needs to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

  • Very helpful.

  • The instruction time is flexible to work around our schedule. The instructors are friendly & my daughter enjoys working with them.

  • I really like that Mr. Blaine is very professional. Any concerns are immediately responded to.

  • Our child has shown steady progress and enjoys going.

  • Definitely promotes self confidence and academic results.

  • I noticed an improvement with my son in such a short period of time. He likes to go and has fun he tells me.

  • The result is quite satisfying. The student's language skills have been improving fast.

  • That they test the child to see what skills they are missing and focus on that.

  • It has been a great help for our child.

  • You provide specific goals and how they will be achieved. Good, open communication at all times.

  • Tutors’ abilities to explain more complicated issues (e.g. Chemistry 30…)

  • Open communication about goals and how they will be approached/achieved.

  • Instructors are great with student. Also easy to deal with.

  • One on one attention and understandable learning techniques.

  • The results: my child's marks at school have improved.

  • The method of teaching keeps him motivated and the fact that he was pretested so only the areas that require more understanding is taught.

  • I will recommend this to my friends.

  • I have seen my daughter improve with her reading and math. Her confidence in school, and outside of school has grown.

  • Prompt, excellent way.

  • So far my daughter likes going, likes her teachers and says they are all so nice!!!! She has no complaints yet. So I am happy about that.

  • My daughter was struggling with science. After several weeks at Sylvan, she has been able to get a better grasp of the material and her marks have already improved.

  • Every staff member we have spoken with or seen interact with children have a positive and energy that promotes Sylvan.

  • The one on one interaction deals with the individuals learning level.

  • Consistency and encouraging learning in a fun manner.

  • My boy is really enjoying his tutoring which is amazing since he didn't like school or tutoring before he came to Sylvan. I think it's because of the iPad and token system you utilize. He volunteered his time for an extra hour per week on his own.

  • I loved everything about Sylvan.

  • We are very happy with the program.

  • We like: --that the teaching staff are very professional and encouraging to the students --the idea of "earning tokens" as a tool to motivate students. -that the success our family members experienced at Sylvan paved the road to academic success in high school and university.

  • Professionalism from the administrative standpoint.

  • Professional results.

    L. W.
  • The instructors are professional and well trained. My son loves going there and is making progress. The programming is highly developed and engaging to the student.