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Creative Ideas for Winter Break

Nov 20, 2016
The holiday season is fast approaching, and students will soon be on a well-deserved winter break. While there’s nothing wrong with some television and a few video games, you’ll want to find creative activities to stave off boredom and keep brains sharp for school. Here are some ideas: 
Bring out the books. Read to your child. Read to each other. Older children can read childhood favourites to siblings. Dig up favourite tales, assign roles and act out scenes.
Tell stories. Bring out the family photo albums and talk about your memories. Kids love to learn about what their parents were like as children!
Write, write, write. Your child can write Christmas cards, invitations, placecards, and thank you notes – practicing writing skills without even knowing it.
Make a scrapbook. Task your child with putting together a holiday scrapbook of memories. They can take photos, write captions, and spark their creative juices.
Make a video. Give the kids a video camera and have them document a family gathering. Even better, have them interview grandparents and other relatives. It will be a treasured video for the future.
Draw a family tree. Help your child to create a family tree to see how everyone is related. Ask them to talk to relatives and put together a family history.
Bring out the games. During the school year, busy schedules mean little time for board games. Try Scrabble, Monopoly, or other family favourites that involve reading, counting and strategy. Jigsaw puzzles are also good choices.
Plan dinner. Kids can choose recipes, check for ingredients, and write grocery lists. This will teach them planning and organizational skills. They can also help cook. 
Volunteering. Older children may enjoy the responsibility and satisfaction of helping out at the food bank or animal shelter. Volunteer together. What better way to build a sense of community and citizenship?
Our centre is open during the school break. Please give us a call if you'd like to schedule an extra lesson or two to help your child catch up, keep up, or get ahead with their studies.
Have a wonderful winter break!