Upper Level Science in Woodbridge

Upper Level Science in Woodbridge

Expert Help With Tough Science Lessons

Are sparks flying during homework time? Rest easy, help with the upper-level sciences is here! Sylvan Learning of Woodbridge offers a Science Support program for teens in grades 9-12. 

Our science tutors in Woodbridge are experts in the upper-level sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics. Turn to Sylvan of Woodbridge to transform your teen’s frustration with high school science into confidence and understanding.

Our science offerings are limited based on availability so please call us today to learn about our most current offerings!

How Upper Level Science Support Works

The upper-level sciences are an interesting combination of reading and math — two of Sylvan’s strengths. Yet, no matter how strong your teen’s reading skills are, navigating a science textbook is much different than reading literature!

It’s normal for teens to need help from time to time to really understand new concepts.

Our science tutors in Woodbridge will help your teen make sense of his or her science assignments and get ready for big tests. We’re experts in breaking down the terminology, concepts and mathematics within science, so your son or daughter truly understands it.

Biology Tutoring

Biology is the study of the science of life — from plants to animals. Whether your teen is learning about molecules or the biosphere, we’re here to bring all the concepts together.

Our biology tutors are knowledgeable about topics such as molecules, photosynthesis, ecology and more.

Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry is the study of matter, energy and the interactions between them. Your son or daughter is likely getting a focused introduction to basic chemical principles and problem solving techniques. We love helping teens understand how these concepts and skills are relevant for day-to-day life!

Our chemistry tutors are knowledgeable about topics such as the periodic table, atomic structure, states of matter, and more.

Physics Tutoring

Physics is the science that explores the physical laws of the universe. Our physics tutors are here to help your son or daughter learn basic physics principles and develop problem solving skills.

Our physics tutors are knowledgeable about topics such as mechanics, fluids, heat, sound and more.

Our science tutors will:

  • Provide help with science assignments and test preparation when your teen needs it, including evening and weekend tutoring sessions.
  • Assist with difficult science homework so your child understands the concepts and tackles assignments with confidence.
  • Motivate your teen with instant feedback and recognition for each skill learned.

Please note, our program does not include help with science experiments.

Some science subjects may have limited availability. Please contact us today to discuss your options, as well as pricing and scheduling.


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