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Testimonials for Sylvan of Dubai - Al Barsha

At Sylvan Learning of Dubai - Al Barsha, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • Thank you Sylvan Team for helping Samuel prepare for his American School of Dubai Entrance test!

    Erin Davidson
  • I give my gratitude to the Sylvan team for all the guidance and the right attitude towards my son, Dylan. Dylan has been with Sylvan Learning of Al Barsha since July of last year, and his greatest accomplishment yet came recently. After a few months of preparation with Sylvan and Dylan's dedication to his Study Skills Program, we were very pleased to receive an offer of acceptance to The Sheffield Private School. Thanks again to you all!

    Janelle Cardozo
  • I deeply appreciate what Sylvan team has done for Mostafa in such a short period of time. Honestly, I was not able to do what you did. His school teacher was very impressed with the work Mostafa accomplished with Mr. Ali at Sylvan to prepare for his exams, especially the flash cards which really helped Mostafa. The great news is that Mostafa has passed his end of term Science exam. He also successfully passed Humanities, English and Math. Thank you all.

    Samir Chamma
  • "I must admit I was skeptical at first. We tried private tutors and another tutoring company but nothing changed for our daughter and son. We thought Sylvan was more expensive but they have made more progress in half the time as our private tutor. We ended up spending less money at Sylvan in the long run. We will certainly be recommending Sylvan to our friends.

    Satisfied Parents, American School of Dubai
  • Sylvan Learning really helped my daughter become a confident and capable reader. Prior to Sylvan, she attended a different tutor where all the work was on computers. She enjoyed the computer activities but it did not help her perform better in school. Sylvan taught her the basics. My daughter is no longer afraid to pick up a book or write out her answers. Thanks Sylvan. You made all the difference.

    Happy Mother from Dubai International Academy
  • Sylvan has helped me far beyond any expectations! The Advanced Reading Course improved my reading score over 400%! I can read a newspaper in no time
    now! I recommend Sylvan to anyone.

    Excited Student, American School of Dubai
  • The thing I like most about Sylvan is the teachers and the great way they teach. They were easy to understand and very patient. I like the study strategies and how they use games to teach us sometimes.

    Al Mawakeb School Student
  • I am very pleased with Sylvan. My experience has been that Sylvan has been very accommodating to any request I have had in terms of timing and dates. Overall and based on a number of months of work, I feel that Omar has progressed well at school. There is a marked improvement in his reading which has been noticed by his teachers. Omar has worked with different teachers at Sylvan, but special thanks goes to Ms. Denise who always thinks outside of the box to ensure she gets the best out of Omar in each of the sessions; he truly looks forward to her class. I would not hesitate in recommending Sylvan!

    Omar's parents
  • Thanks so much for all the help you provided my children in English. I never imagined they could learn so much in so little time. When they started with Sylvan less than 3 months ago, they could not read at all. Now Cathrine, age 9 and Erik, age 7 are reading and writing with confidence and ease. Special thanks to your Sylvan teachers. Their positive attitudes, patience and ability to motivate the children really helped them believe in themselves. Cathrine and Erik will truly miss the lessons at Sylvan and your nice staff

    Satisfied Dad, Dubai International Academy
  • Our son is now in sixth grade and his math skills are up to a seventh grade level. His confidence, grades and attitude have improved. Sylvan has played an important role in that success.

    6th Grade Parents, Dubai American Academy
  • "It has been difficult to find the right words to thank Sylvan and their wonderful team for the great service they have provided to our son. The entire team at Sylvan, with their unconditional support, encouragement and patience has proved to us that anything is possible with a little support. It has been a privilege for our son to be apart of Sylvan-Dubai. He has come a long way in a short period of time. The other day, I happened to be at school and his math teacher pulled me over to say, "He's jumped leaps and bounds!" What has been even more touching is to see how confident and positive he has become!
    Thank you Sylvan for helping us tie up the loose ends! All that we can say is you've got one more happy camper on board! Thanking you sincerely!

    Happy Mom and Dad, Universal American School
  • "Tutoring at Sylvan worked wonders for me. It re-kindled my confidence in Algebra and soon my weaknesses began turning into strengths. My Sylvan teacher is gifted and committed. Studying at Sylvan is a unique and wonderful experience and I mean that sincerely. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sylvan.

    Algebra Student, Universal American School
  • We were so pleased with our daughter's progress. She made the 7th grade honor roll and it was because of the help she received at Sylvan. Her father and I can't praise the staff enough. My daughter especially enjoyed her time there. I would recommend Sylvan to all my friends!

    Proud Mom, Dubai American Academy
  • I would like to thank Sylvan Learning Center for helping me study for the SAT. My teacher made me feel comfortable asking questions. I needed that. She made time to sit next to me and make sure I understood my math. Sylvan is the best.

    College Bound Student, Emirates International School
  • I took a prep course at another institute and the instructors sounded like they were reading from a script. If you asked any question they got annoyed because it didn't follow their script. The Sylvan SAT course was taught by really good teachers. They were patient, fun and they really cared about the students in my group.

    Happy SAT Prep Student, Emirates International School
  • I have always scored low on tests even when I knew the work. I always get nervous and can't concentrate. Mr. Ian and Mr. Karim taught me new ways to do tests and it works. My grades in school are getting better and I can't wait to take the SAT next week. Sylvan is really good.

    Confident Test Taker, Al Mawakeb School
  • Since Sylvan Learning Center contacted me years ago, we always have had a strong relation. Before referring parents to our network of institutes I always bring a visit to the institutes on our list to make sure that I know that our children are in good hands. Our Speech and Language Therapist and I were impressed by Sylvan's organization and the professionalism Sylvan's staff exposed. Also the enthusiasm and effort Sylvan's staff always show is amazing. This was evident in all our meetings with Sylvan's staff at GWA as well.

    GEMS World Academy Counselor
  • Sylvan Learning in Al Barsha is highly regarded by both Dubai American Academy teachers/staff and parents as a respected and appreciated support for our students. Karen Henry has developed a strong relationship with staff. She and Angela have made themselves available to educate our staff and share with them the benefits of utilizing Sylvan Learning programs. Furthermore, the Al Barsha staff are available for interface with our teachers. Both Karen and Angela have introduced and supported the "Read Across the Gulf" program and each grade level from KG2 to Grade 3 are fully participating and appreciative.

    Dubai American Academy Counselor
  • Sylvan's Study skills courses are well worth taking up if you want to improve your child's studying ability. They teach kids unique techniques on how to study and retain information. Definitely worth a try for struggling children (and parents).

    Sylvan Fan
  • At Sylvan you would find it difficult *not* to learn. It's obvious that the instructors are not there just to pay the bills. Their passion for teaching and learning is infectious, and the effort that is made goes way beyond what would be expected for the price you pay.

  • Sylvan has be excellent in bringing my son back up to speed with his reading and math as he had been falling behind a bit at school. The tutors there are very skilled but also very warm and approachable which is important as the kids need to feel relaxed. Myself and my husband have a lot of confidence in their style of teaching.

    Expat lady
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