Testimonials for Sylvan of Anchorage

At Sylvan Learning of Anchorage, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • I like that each program is catered to the individual and their learning capabilities. I like that these teachers are here to help and are not afraid to push the kids just enough to challenge them yet keep them engaged and excited about what they are doing.

    Elizabeth V.
  • When I first went in for the assessment and the initial consultation, I had an idea of what I was looking for and was curious to see if Sylvan could fit the bill. Sylvan has far exceeded my wildest expectations. I can't say enough about how my child has blossomed since she began going. Her teacher has also noticed a tremendous difference. I was worried that it would be a huge fight to get her to go, especially in the summer but it hasn't been at all. She loves going! I love seeing her turn into the confident, articulate, little speed reader I knew she was supposed to be.

    Keri B.
  • As a parent interested in technology, I like that Sylvan continues to watch and utilize the latest in Instructional Technology. Sylvan is very effective in helping to bring our son's educational understanding up to par. He likes everything 'tech'; and, Sylvan uses the latest 'tech' devises for his learning experience - it's a win-win! In addition, our son speaks highly of his student-teacher interactions. Lastly, I like the flexibility offered by Sylvan in rescheduling a session when necessary!

    Cecilia L.
  • Its the first time ever that my daughter hasn't cried at the mention of doing homework. I love the confrences so that the parents can be kept informed of their childs progress. My daughter loves the token system and being able to bring home something special.

    Jessica D.
  • Sylvan worked directly with the ASD to design a program to help my son get back on his feet, both literally and academically, after missing two months of school and falling behind due to foot surgery. Now he's doing great and looking forward to college. Thanks Sylvan!

    John D.
  • The flexibility of schedule and trying to meet my requests for certain topics to be covered during the tutoring sessions. I like the personal attention paid to my son's case. Thank you!

    Crystal R.
  • The personal attention our daughter receives from her instructor(s) is invaluable. She feels comfortable asking questions and her love of math has returned! We can't thank you all enough for returning the confidence she previously had for math, prior to having a poor math teacher last year. She radiates joy each and every time she finishes with her weekly class. No complaints, no attitude about going. She KNOWS what a great experience this is, and I think she's relieved to know that the math problems she experienced last year were NOT because she couldn't figure it out. It was because she wasn't being TAUGHT!! Thank you! Thank you! I have already recommended Sylvan to others.

    Mary M.
  • The entire staff is passionate about the kids doing the best they can. Their teaching style and attitude reinforced my sons confidence.

    Regena E.
  • I've found Sylvan staff to be kind, friendly, understanding, flexible, and always striving to help students and their families in every way they can.

    Mel G.
  • Sylvan's service is complete from beginning to end. All questions and emotional anxiety were addressed to overall satisfaction and reassured support. Thank you to everyone at Sylvan of Anchorage!

    Cheryl O.
  • I like that Sylvan evaluated my son. Then chose a program that was appropriate for his level and his problems. I also like that they have a consultation to talk about what we want, what is recommended and then a plan is agreed upon. I felt the whole process was thorough, personal, and painless.

    Eilisa M.
  • I like the consistency and approach. My son would tell me if he didn't like it at Sylvan and he asked to do it again this year. Plus his improvement in reading is incredible!!

    Christine S.
  • Personalized interaction, friendly/flexible service, meaningful assessments, fun rewards (my children love it... it's great for their self-esteem).

    Charla B.
  • The first time my son and I met with Daneka, my son took right to her. She is an honest and high energy individual. She never talked to my son as if he was a little child, and never treated me as if I was the problem with my son's educational problems. My son continues to flourish with all his teachers.

    Esther K.
  • Friendly staff and very informative. And I get the feeling that they all truly care about our kids and helping them reach whatever educational goals they are setting out to achieve.

    Christina G.
  • Small group size - my child receives individual, focused attention. Also appreciate the monthly conference which shows parents exactly what and how she's doing. Especially like that she comes out of the sessions with a big smile on her face, even when the lessons seem extra challenging to her. Great staff!

    Alyssa R.
  • My daughter just started going to Sylvan and she loves it. She was struggling in school and having a hard time keeping up academically, so we started taking her to Sylvan. She was a little nervous at first but the amazing staff made her feel welcome and comfortable right off the bat. She now looks forward to going and learning new skills. The staff at Sylvan even went the extra mile to meet with the teachers at her school to ensure that she was academically on track and not falling behind in school. They are always looking out for my child's best interest and I am very impressed with their program. I would highly recommend it to any family who's children may need a little extra help in school. My daughter is already showing great improvement and is very excited to learn more. Thank you Sylvan!

    Kyra W.
  • I love that my kids are excited to go & don't want to leave. They said the coding techniques they are learning at Sylvan are easy to apply & fun to learn!

    Jorgi F.
  • The fun learning environment keeps potentially boring topics engaging to encourage STEM activities and pursuit of those careers.

    Jackie R.
  • Sylvan has boosted my son's self confidence in his math skills. His attitude toward math is positive, and his grades have skyrocketed. I really like how Sylvan personalizes their instruction, they build on his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

    Jackie G.
  • Sylvan has been amazing for my children. They now love to read and their confidence just keeps growing!

    Calla W.
  • His new found confidence and independence with schoolwork is amazing! This Sylvan location has made it very easy for us to travel into town every other weekend for tutoring. The results achieved by our son in the last 6 months well exceed the expectations for what I thought we could accomplish when we joined the program.

    Dawn H.
  • I liked meeting with the Director of Education (Erin) in person with my student on a Saturday afternoon to review the entire program and discuss the process, with no sales pressure. I love the flexible hours! I like the quality of teachers and their ability to teach the subject in ways that my student is able to grasp and understand. I like that Erin, Director of Education, meets with us on a regular basis to discuss my student's progress.

    Scott & Merion K.
  • Sylvan workers are friendly and helpful when it comes to my son and his education.

    Nikki P.
  • Hands on personal attention is great for my daughters confidence !

    Jennifer G.
  • I like the subject matter, the teacher and the fun the kids seem to have.

    Alyssa E.
  • Caring and approachable staff. They are willing to work with you to assess the needs of your student.

    Niah V.
  • I love the positive approach Sylvan offers in tutoring my daughter. They looked at her unique learning style, tailored the teaching to her, and then reward her for her progress. The confidence she has gained from her improved math skills has translated into confidence in all areas. She's feeling better about herself, so she's happier in school and happier at home.

    Heather H.
  • Flexibility, friendly environment and great learning experiences.

    Kristal S.
  • Professional, friendly, quality staff! Systems and order. Great communication. Opportunities for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

    Kathleen P.
  • Everyone is so friendly and professional. They have been extremely accommodating with our schedule allowing for much flexibility due to summer activities and guests from out of town. My daughter loves all of her instructors and enjoys going to pick out a prize afterwards.

    Karen A.
  • Great staffing and students are treated with respect and care. Good programs to supplement school and at home learning.

    Ben L.
  • There are professional education folks working at Sylvan, who care about our child. They understand the developmental needs by age. They take time to talk about what matters to my child and to me as the parent. The program has pre- and post-assessment and sequential learning expectations at the high school level. My daughter works, and is also tested as she goes and must understand the work before progressing with the next piece.

    Moira V.
  • Firstly, my initial contact (which is the most important), was so pleasant. I spoke with Jennifer, she was very informative and answered all of my questions and concerns, so I scheduled the assessment for my daughter. Secondly, get used to it because everyone at this center is super friendly- just to name a few, Daneka, Maegan, and Pauline are so willing to help in every aspect of developing a learning plan that will allow your child to become comfortable in building the confidence needed for succeeding in school. My daughter struggled terribly in math to the point of tears for most of her 4th grade year. She absolutely loves her instructor's, and the incentives Sylvan offers are fun. She is advancing and is on mark with her weekly achievements. The office staff/instructor's will exceed your expectations. Thanks to all!

    Karen A.
  • I love the personal service and communication from Sylvan, not only for my daughter but, for me too. Sylvan has been very accommodating with my daughter's busy schedule. I only wish we would have found Sylvan earlier!

    Kelley M.
  • The staff takes the time to get to know each student individually!

    Renee G.
  • I've already recommended your STEM program to several friends and family members! You do a great job!

    Christy V.
  • We enjoy everything about Sylvan from my child's progress to the staff keeping us parents updated every step of the way! My child enjoys going there just like the parents do. Having a welcome atmosphere means a lot to parents.

    Tatyana D.
  • The learning support staff do an outstanding job in working with the individual education plans of their students. I have seen an incredible improvement in my daughters reading and study skills, which makes homework a lot easier and less time consuming. The improvement in my daughters attitude toward school and dedication to her quality of work has greatly improved.

    Cynthia R.
  • Sylvan is well organized with a great staff.

    Bert S.
  • Great team of teachers and especially during this time of online learning. I feel like Sylvan is giving my child some much needed supplemental academics and one-on-one she isn't getting with school being out.

    Laura B.
  • My child loves attending Sylvan and it has helped her self esteem.

    Alicia M.
  • I really appreciate the quick response time to my phone calls, the thorough monthly meetings and such a wonderful group of teachers that make my son so excited to come in every week! He likes his extra "school day" he gets and the prizes are his favorite! The little books that you guys have made for Jaxon have really been a huge help! Thanks so much!

    Bridget L.
  • Sylvan has excellent teachers who know their stuff, friendly staff who are very pleasant effective and all around wonderful, thank you!

    Robin K.
  • What I like about Anchorage Sylvan Learning Center's services are: the professional staff, summer availability, the variety of experienced & patient teachers that have helped my son get tutoring from multiple teaching styles & credentialed backgrounds, the neutral learning environment.

    Jane G.
  • Personalized plan for my daughter. Strong tutors. Efficient schedule with flexibility. Wonderful staff!

    Deb K.
  • Convenient location. Teachers that my kids like. My three kids can all go at the same time. Communication from staff is great. 

    Andrea C.
  • What I like about your service is the exposure and learning of sciences it gives to students.

    Erovie A.
  • Professional and fun atmosphere!

    Tanya H.
  • Sylvan of Anchorage is a great place to learn, improve, and develop more skills for academics.

    Erovie A.
  • I feel like they really listened to both myself and my son. I draw this conclusion from finding that they were spot on with his assessments both from an academic stand point, and more notably from a personal one. The staff are extremely professional and helpful. I feel like my son is in great hands. He likes the token-reward system. It's a good motivator!

    Nancy W.
  • All of the teachers and staff are very in-tune with the students and their individual needs

    Selina P.
  • Friendly staff! One month has helped my son bring up his grades in math!

    Lucy T.
  • I appreciate the quality of the instruction and the flexibility to provide video sessions during the hunker down.

    Anne R.
  • They answer questions promptly, keep us up to date, are friendly, never curt or grumpy and very professional!

    Ruth N.
  • Sylvan has worked hand in hand with my sons school teacher to focus on key elements of his learning:) Thank you!

    Doris H.
  • Excellent tailored teaching that creates successful outcomes for students!

    Courtney S.
  • Your STEM instructor is wonderful! Our child has loved taking classes at sylvan.

    Lisa A.