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At Sylvan Learning of Baytown & Mont Belvieu, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • Jazmon is enrolled in Math School Success at the Sylvan of Baytown.  She came to Sylvan needing a review of her foundational math skills.  Jazmon has made outstanding growth in the time that she has been enrolled! Based upon the progress Jazmon's mom has seen, she wanted to share this:"Sylvan has made a tremendous difference in Jazmon's understanding of mathematics and problem solving in general.  Her confidence in her abilities has been renewed!" 

    Jazmon's Mother
  • Bobby has been attending the Sylvan of Baytown and is enrolled in our Academic Reading program.  He has grown over three equivalents since he first came to Sylvan and is steadily making progress. Angie, Bobby's mom, wanted to share this:"All throughout Junior High, Bobby has hated going to school every day because of his struggle with reading. Now he enjoys reading and looks forward to coming to Sylvan! He loves the teachers and the one-on-one help that he gets. Bobby says that Sylvan helps him and they do not make him feel bad when he has a hard time. I've seen Bobby's confidence grow and have seen a tremendous improvement in his reading skills.  Thanks to the Sylvan of Baytown, we are both looking forward to his High School years!

    Angie, Bobby's Mom
  • Jacob attended the Sylvan Learning Center of Baytown for help in Reading and Phonics. While here, we saw a great deal of growth in his reading ability, comprehension, and confidence.  He also started interacting more with other children and began raising his hand in class! Pleased with his progress, his mother had the following to say: "We have had a very educational experience at Sylvan.  We have seen that Jacob had built his confidence while attending.  His grades reflect on how he has done overall.  I give total credit to Sylvan Learning Center for this accomplishment." 

    Jacob's Mother
  • Cameron attends the Sylvan of Baytown for both Homework Support and State Test Preparation.  He recently made A's on all of his school benchmark tests.  According to his mom, "Coming to Sylvan has helped Cameron to become a successful reader and has been a wonderful experience!"

    Cameron P.
  • "Charissa has always enjoyed school and has been a "straight A" student. It really bothered her when she missed almost an entire semester of school during her 8th grade year due to medical issues. She managed to return to school and finish the year with good grades, but we could tell that she had lost some of her self-confidence in the process. It was then that we decided to see what Sylvan had to offer. That was the best decision we could have made.  They began to help her right away. Each time she visited Sylvan, you could see her self confidence growing. When it came time to take the STAAR EOC exam, she was reading and passed it with no problem. She was very happy and quite pleased with herself! She is continuing to learn and bloom at Sylvan. The wonderful staff and program has really made an impact on Charissa.  It has helped her in more ways they will ever know.  Thank you so much!"

    Michelle, Chariss'a mother
  • Rayden attended the Sylvan of Baytown for math, readiing, and homework support. She came to Sylvan at the beginning of her first grade year and has since made huge improvements! Based upon the progress that she has seen, Rayden's parents, wanted to share this:"Our daughter, Rayden, was struggling with her reading and math at the beginning of her first grade year.  She has been with Sylvan for 8 months and has shown much improvement! She loves the teaching process at the center. We have noticed a very big confidence boost with her school work. It has been a great investment for her education and it looks like she will be attending more often. Thanks Sylvan!"

    Rayden's parents
  • Anthony was sponsored by the Monica Boyd Literacy Foundation to be able to attend the Sylvan Learning Center of Baytown.  Anthony was enrolled in Sylvan's Beginning Reading program and grew an entire grade equivalent in only five months! His teachers are thrilled with his progress and he was able to reach his appropriate reading level at school.  Anthony's confidence has grown too. His mom says, "Anthony is doing great at school! He wants to pick up a book and read on his own.  Before attending Sylvan of Baytown, he had no desire to read.  Now he wants to read to me all of the time!"

    Anthony's mom
  • Donavan received reading support at the Sylvan of Baytown.  He came to our center needing to boost state test scores. Based on the progress that Donavan's mom has seen, she wanted to share this:"My experience with Sylvan Learning Center of Baytown has been a wonderful and positive experience for our family! I would like to thank all of the Sylvan teachers and staff for helping my son who is in the 4th grade and enrolled in the reading program. We decided to enroll him at Sylvan because he's been on the honor roll since Kindergarten and up until recently he has had some struggles with his reading assignments. I'm so proud of my son who has been working hard from the moment that he started the reading program. He is back on honor roll because of the huge improvement in his reading grade! I would recommend Sylvan to any parent that loves their child, values their education, and have tried on their own to help their child, but found a disconnect despite all of your efforts."

    Donavan's parents
  • Melody is attending the Sylvan of Baytown for Beginning Reading.  She came to Sylvan looking to advance her early reading skills and has since made huge improvements.  Based upon the progress that she has seen, Melody's mother, Brandy, wanted to share this:"We highly recommend Sylvan! The staff is very friendly and supportive and all seem to go the extra mile to make your child feel comfortable.  Sylvan has made learning fun for my daughter.  It has also helped her gain more confidence, skills, and excitement for learning!"

    Melody's mom
  • Cadee came to the Sylvan of Baytown at the end of 3rd grade. Her family was concerned that she was going to be behind in her class when she went to 4th grade.  Cadee has been tutored in the past but was in need of a new approach.  We enrolled her in our Beginning Reading program and were able to quickly advance her to our Academic Reading program in one short month! Also, Cadee now shows an interest in reading at Sylvan and at home. Cadee's parents say: "Cadee never liked to read before she went to Sylvan and now she reads everything! I thank the entire staff at the Sylvan Learning Center of Baytown for what they have done for our daughter.  We now feel confident that Cadee will be fine with school starts.  Thank you Sylvan!"

    Cadee's parents

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