How Sylvan of Beavercreek Academic Coaching Compares...

To Private Tutors.

Sylvan is the leader in academic support for kids of all ages.
Here are just a few ways the Academic Coaching at our center in Beavercreek is superior to the competition:

State-certified teachers and school-aligned curriculum.

At Sylvan of Beavercreek, there’s a connection to what’s being taught in school. And our teachers are experts at inspiring and motivating students, so your son or daughter is fully engaged.

Personal connections and constant support.

Often times, other tutors are short-staffed or don't have the time to get to know your child. Sylvan has a team of dedicated experts who are there to create personal connections and fully support your child’s academic needs.

High engagement.

With Sylvan of Beavercreek, your child benefits from interactive, hands-on learning activities, as well as fun online learning to improve skill mastery. Engaged students are effective students!

How do other tutors measure up?

Sylvan of Beavercreek is the best choice. Here are more reasons why:
Teaching Profile & Environment Sylvan Learning Private Tutors
Dedicated, small-group learning environment Sylvan does Varies
Motivational rewards system for kids Sylvan does Does not compare
Team of education experts, including a state-certified Director of Education on staff, to ensure your student always has a tutor Sylvan does Does not compare
Hour-long sessions Sylvan does Varies
Homework support Sylvan does Does compare
Educational Practices
Academic activities that are aligned with college and career readiness standards Sylvan does Does not compare
A blend of technology and engaging hands-on activities to connect skills to the real world Sylvan does Does not compare
Proprietary online learning activities for kids to continue learning outside of Sylvan Sylvan does Does not compare
Diversification of Programs
Reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, STEM and more to support the full child Sylvan does Does not compare
Teaching Profile & Environment

Dedicated, small-group learning environment

Sylvan Learning
Private Tutors
Keep your child on track to thrive!
Our tutoring makes a big impact, and our competitive monthly packages keep it affordable.

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