Advanced Math (9-12) in Bronxville/Yonkers

Advanced Math (9-12) in Bronxville/Yonkers

Keep Up and Get Ahead in Upper Level Math

There are so many new challenges that come with grade 9-12 math classes from harder homework assignments, to demanding tests to teaching methods and technology that are different than how you learned (exhale!).

Keep up and get ahead in upper level math classes with Advanced Math Help at Sylvan. We make it easier for your teen to build skills and confidence — and lower stress!

With Sylvan of Bronxville/Yonkers's Advanced Math Help, your teen will:

  • Easily master upper level math skills
    Upper level math is like a series of building blocks. You need to “get” one concept to be successful in the next. We offer a balanced focus on computation, process, reasoning and problem solving to make sure your teen is mastering skills and is ready to succeed with the next one.
  • Feel confident and prepared for class
    Sylvan’s curriculum aligns with most local school standards and teaching methods (including the use of technology like graphing calculators). This means there’s a direct impact in class. We support the traditional sequence of math courses, as well as integrated math courses that combine subjects.
  • Stay engaged and challenged — not frustrated
    Our math tutors excel at motivating kids in upper level math, using a proven mix of guided support, interactive lessons and motivational feedback and rewards.
  • Achieve greater success
    Higher scores. Big-time confidence. Smiles at homework time. Advanced Math Help makes all the difference.

How Advanced Math Help works

We offer a variety of Advanced Math Help programs, so your son or daughter can learn in the best way for him or her. Our programs include:

  • Homework help to fill in learning gaps or get caught up in a range of upper level math topics, from pre-algebra through calculus
  • Small-group skill practice in algebra and geometry
  • Personalized algebra tutoring with guaranteed results
  • One-on-one tutoring for accelerated math students, including help with AP Calculus
  • Guided support to lower stress and frustration with mathematics
  • Independent practice time to ensure your teen understands and can apply new skills
  • Lesson recaps — tailored to your teen — to get those tough concepts to stick

Feel confident in upper level math!

Give us a call today at (914)327-2925 for more information on Sylvan Learning of Bronxville/Yonkers's affordable monthly packages, competitive hourly rates and local options.

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