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Gearing Up for Back to School

Aug 03, 2016
Summer days are full of breezy beaches, late night snack attacks, and afternoon breakfasts. Schedules take a back seat to fun times and kids get a chance to be just that - kids. No homework. No science projects. No school. 

Except you take a quick peek at the calendar and realize that we're in August and that means back to school.

But it’s still summer right? Well, technically yes, but you don’t want that school year to creep up on you, leaving your kid unprepared for the new year’s challenges. That’s why you local Sylvan Learning Centers of the Rio Grande Valley would like to offer you a few basic steps to help your family gear up for back to school.

Whether it’s providing educational support to the little guys who need just a bit more help, or guiding those motivated learners down the path to success, Sylvan Learning has the options you need.

Early to bed. Early to rise.

Summer days usually mean late nights. This leads to late morning starts. Which is fine for those vacation months, except school means the kids need to wake up early.

In order to help your kiddos avoid that energy drain, have them start working on their back to school schedules a few weeks prior to class. Start with their bedtimes, but continue to give them a bit of an opportunity to sleep-in (remember they’re still growing and the body needs rest). After a week or so, start waking them up at regular school time. It takes about 3 weeks in order to get them back on their school schedule, but the effort is worth the cost. 

To encourage this behavior, treat them to a special breakfast, or take them an early morning adventure to the park before the hot sun rises.

The goal is to have them ready for that first week of school, which can be the hardest on those unprepared, leaving them tired and exhausted. Remember, you want to set a positive tone early on in the school year, and having your kids well rested and energetic sets the perfect standard for the remaining months.            
Back to school supplies.
Let your children get involved in shopping for back to school supplies. Pass over the ads with your child to take a look through and see if he or she can find the best deals, making this a great math lesson. Ask them to create a list of supplies that they know they’ll need for class, and then double check that against the school’s list, which can usually be found on the school’s website. 

Even if you can’t print out the list, many stores have them available on displays, where you can just grab one for your own needs. 

Plus, not only do you take advantage of early sales, and get that shopping in before all those crazy crowds hit the stores, but you’re also subtly reminding your child that school is just around the corner. Helping them to understand that summer is coming to end will allow them to be bit more mentally prepared for the upcoming year. 

Get organized.
Who hasn’t had to make that 8 PM run to Wal-Mart to get materials for a school project? By being prepared early on, you’ll avoid the stress of having to deal with these late night issues. So make sure to get organized; keep all those schools supplies in one location - like your child’s backpack. Also think about buying some extra supplies to keep on hand for homework time. Remember that the more involved your child can be with helping to organize and keep track of school supplies, the more responsible they’ll feel, which will lead to them taking care of the materials much more effectively throughout the school year.

Don’t forget to create a “night before” system by encouraging them to coordinate outfits before they fall asleep and setting out their backpacks. Mornings can run so much smoother when everything is set out and ready to go. 
Countdown to 3,2,1...
We’re pretty sure your kids count down to their birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, the last day of school...so why not do it for going back to school?

Think about a fun way to countdown for the first day of class. For instance, place 3 M&M’s in a jar for every day of summer left, when the sweets runs out, then kids know that school is about to start. Another idea is to invite your children’s friends and their family over for an end of summer party. Think about having a back to school theme and maybe even do a “white elephant school supplies” game.
For younger students, help them think of a first day back gift for the teacher. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so even a “nice to meet you note” can be a pleasant way to build the student-teacher relationship. The night before school starts can be a little anxious for everyone, so for younger students, consider reading a few books about starting school together.
First Day of School 
A tradition for many families; don’t forget to take that photo of your children’s first day back to school. It shows our kids that this day is special and that we’re proud of them as parents and the progress they make from year to year. Print it out and hang it on the fridge as a reminder of the excitement of the day.
Gearing Up for Back to School Guide

Every family is different, so every family’s system is going to be unique. The key is to do what works for you and your children. Discuss back to school expectancies with your little ones and also allow them to them share their goals for the year. Help them to create a routine, prepare supplies, and get them excited about the adventure ahead.Your local Sylvan Learning Centers of the Rio Grande Valley are here with you every step of the way. Whether it’s tips on how to get ready for the upcoming year, or providing tutoring support for those tougher subjects, we want to help your child succeed. 

Give us a call today at (956) 682-9800 to find out about our back to school specials and to learn how we can help you.