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Get it WRITE this summer!

Jun 29, 2016
No matter how old your child is, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard them exclaim these words at some point: “I hate writing!” That's especially true right now as we drift through these hot, lazy summer days.  

You may think that maybe writing isn’t one of your child’s strengths. While this is probably what your child is telling you, this isn't the case. While most of today’s youth seem to have a particular dread for writing (source) it’s no secret that the written word is one of the most vital facets of our world and is a learned skill. 

For that reason, we know you urge your child to give their English homework all they’ve got during the school year. But, now, in summer? Actually, summer is the ideal time to work on those writing skills and keep those young brains working. Of course, your encouragement doesn’t necessarily mean your child has to become the next Shakespeare or author the next great American novel. Rather, your attempt to reshape your child’s outlook on writing will serve as something they will be endlessly grateful for later on in their future. Strong writing skills will set your child up for not only academic success but, ultimately, professional success as well.  

At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we firmly believe in the power of writing. We know that getting children to embrace it is easier said than done, especially during the summer but it's worth the effort. If you’re tired of hearing “writing is too hard” or “writing is boring,” here are the top five reasons (source ) your child should understand the importance of writing and why you should motivate them to give it a second chance. 

1.Writing helps strengthen communication skills.

2. Writing aids with students’ memory. 
If your child tends to experience test anxiety, writing could make a world of difference. It has been proven that when students write something down, whether it be a study guide or a summary of what they learned at school on a particular day, they are able to recall that information with much more ease in the future. In the process of this, they’ll strengthen their writing skills as well.

3. Writing gauges student progress. 
Although there are a slew of testing tools out there, nothing demonstrates true student comprehension quite like writing. If a student is able to express himself or herself on paper regarding a certain concept or subject explored in class, this clearly communicates to their instructor that he or she has mastered the concept and are ready to progress to the next level.

4. Writing promotes creativity and exploration. 
It’s no secret that daily writing helps students tap in to their inner creative genius. Through both creative writing exercises and more formal assignments, students enter into an internal conversation where they are able to practice problem solving, storytelling and explore uncharted territories without the interference of the outside world.

5. Writing is one of the keys to self-acceptance. 
Some of our world’s greatest minds throughout history have kept diaries. Those historical and personal anecdotes have shed light and given us perspective on people and events. More than anything, constant formal and informal writing helps students on their path to self-discovery. From making sense of their own experiences to understanding themselves as human beings, writing can make all the difference in the lives of children.

Ready to give your child that extra push this summer? Here are 3 tips to help get things rolling.

Be the example. 
As a parent, you know that you are a role model. Make the most of it and set an example! Find a way to make sure that your child sees you write often. Emails, grocery lists and journals are just a few examples. If your child sees you writing everyday, even for menial tasks, your child will realize that writing extends far beyond the classroom and is deeply rooted in real life.

Get them involved. 
Going hand-in-hand with the previous tip, be proactive and seek out opportunities to involve your child in the writing process. Ask them for help writing grocery lists, sending greeting cards or drafting invitations. Including them in these common tasks will help remove the stigma from writing. Why not ask them to create travel journals for your summer roadtrip? Or, if you are enjoying a summer staycation, have your children journal their favorite moments from the week. 

Express your opinion. 
Your child looks to you for approval and encouragement. Therefore, take the time to praise them for their efforts so that they will continue to feel supported and grow during their educational journey. You could even take this idea to the next level and create A Family Appreciation Journal. Pass the journal around from family member to family member so each may take a turn to write words of praise, encouragement and gratitude.  

There is no doubt that writing remains a critical skill even in our media-driven world. Make the most of this summer and get your child writing! At Sylvan, we are here for you if you want to take it to the next level and enroll your child in writing classes or camps. We even have specialized programs for your soon to be High School Senior to get those college application essays rolling. 

Get it WRITE and get started today!
Unlike other school subjects, writing gives students the ability to express themselves and communicate with the world around them. Whether your child is 8 years-old or a high school senior, writing regularly will put him or her in tune with inner thoughts and emotions.