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National School Counselor Week Contest

Jan 15, 2017
Dear Sylvan Students & Parents,
School counselors are truly more than just counselors - they are friends, protectors, mentors, leaders, educators, advisors, and role models. They go above and beyond to not only inspire students but help them navigate life’s storms.
Sylvan Learning Center of the Rio Grande Valley is requesting nominations for outstanding school counselors who have made a significant difference in a student’s life. Our “Sylvan Hearts Counselors” contest is the perfect opportunity for students, parents, and peers to show their love and say thank you.
School counselors continue to be champions for our students by planting the seeds of possibility. It’s not hard to see that they love what they do. Now it’s time for us to show them some love back!
Visit your local Sylvan Learning Center of the Rio Grande Valley by January 27th and pick up a form to nominate an exceptional counselor.
Winning school counselors will receive special recognition, as well as a gift, during National School Counselor’s Week, February 6th-10th.