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On A Quest to Improve College Readiness in the RGV

Feb 16, 2016
The fact that the Rio Grande Valley lags in areas like education is not news to the local community. When it comes to graduation rates and college readiness and achievement, the South Texas region still has a way to go before catching up to the state standards. 

Sylvan Learning Centers in the Rio Grande Valley is just one of the many organizations dedicated to helping students in the community achieve their academic goals. The following are just some of the services we offer to local students:
     * Tutoring in math, reading and writing
     * Help with homework 
     * EDGE and STEM programs and camps
     * College Prep for SAT, ACT, writing and advanced reading 
     * Free ACT prep for ACT Attack participating high schools 

We provide students with the tools and confidence to perform to the best of their abilities in the classroom setting and university entry exams. Our services go beyond helping students overcome their current struggles or academic obstacles. Sylvan Learning Centers help students build the long-term skills needed to succeed in all their educational goals. We also encourage kids in the community to explore various STEM and EDGE subjects. We believe education for RGV youth should be a top priority. Learn more about the services we offer and the programs we’ve implemented to increase student participation in academic-related subjects. 

In the RGV, where 90% of the population is Latino, it’s not surprising that 95% of K-12 public school students are Latino. Keeping in mind that the majority of the population is of Hispanic descent, only 21% of Latino students are enrolled in a four-year college and 22% are enrolled in community colleges. These statistics from Educate Texas are a clear indicator that an emphasis must be placed on post-secondary education for RGV students. Government officials, local school districts and community groups have buckled down to combat the low college achievement and readiness rates in recent years by launching college-prep programs and by promoting higher education initiatives.