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Plan B: How to Find STAAR Test Success

Jun 07, 2016
Parents, believe it or not, you made it through another school year! The start of summer also marks the beginning of the STAAR Test results season. No matter the outcome of your child’s testing experience year, it’s important to focus on the endless hard work and preparation he or she put into the exam. 

As once mentioned by James Yorke, “The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.” If your child is disappointed or saddened by their results, in the manner of James Yorke, it’s important to give a reminder that things aren’t over yet. Mainly, tell your child that success after disappointment is ALWAYS possible. 

Whether your child is an elementary student who took the STAAR for the first time or a high school junior, it’s crucial that he or she not lose confidence and instead prepare for ‘plan B.’ At the end of June, students in the RGV will have opportunity to retake the STAAR test. Starting now, there’s a great window of opportunity for your child to get motivated and ready to create success. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we’re determined to guide your child on this journey, as we firmly believe in the power of second chances.

Inspiration and Motivation
Taking a standardized test can be challenging, no matter what grade you’re in. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we know this fact all too well and have created programs to engage and excite students of all ages. At our facilities, your child won’t mindlessly answer practice STAAR questions for hours on end. Rather, we aim to inspire and motivate at Sylvan. 

Our tutors utilize a personalized and positive approach to inspire your child. With consistent help, your child will be more confident and better prepared to face the STAAR this next time around.

Targeted Help
One of the greatest keys to success is knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we will help your child identify specific STAAR subject areas to focus on to be more prepared and confident as the retest approaches. Rather than simply emphasizing areas of weakness, we strive to build upon these subjects as we don’t view them as negatives—we see them as opportunities for growth and test success.

The STAAR test doesn't need to take over your summer. No matter what your family’s plans, you can enjoy knowing your child will be able to prepare for the retest. We offer flexible class hours so you can balance learning and your summer activities. Instead of worrying about how to tailor your busy schedule to suit ours, we will work with you to ensure your bright young student gets the assistance they need.

It’s about time we redefine what it means to retest. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, let us instill confidence in your child so that they may conquer the STAAR! Get started TODAY on the path to STAAR test success!
Here’s how Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV can help your child: