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The NEW PreACT: What you should know

May 04, 2016
In addition to extracurriculars, school work and selecting the right college, it’s safe to say that high school can be a crazy time for students. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we know that as a parent or educator, the hope is to see students succeed and get into the college of their dreams. Of course, the pathway to this point in their lives is jam-packed with countless stepping stones. In junior and senior year, there are a lot of testing hurdles to face. There are two paths students can take for college testing: the SAT or the ACT

In a nutshell, both exams focus on the same thing: college and career readiness. Taking a few nods from College Board, the masterminds behind the ACT exam will be rolling out a PreACT for 10th graders designed to get them ready for the ‘big’ test, much like the PreSAT does. Selecting the SAT or ACT route is another subject. However, it’s important to know the basics about the new PreACT exam so that students will have an easier time deciding which test is best for their chosen career path. While specific details are still pending, here’s what you should know about the all-new PreACT exam:

The exam will be unveiled this fall. It is designed specifically for 10th graders and aims to help them prepare for the ACT by giving them an estimate of what their performance would be like on the actual exam. According to ACT Chief Executive Officer, Marten Roorda, “PreACT will provide valuable insights on college and career readiness to students, educators and schools while students still have time to make adjustments and improve.”The PreACT will include exams in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science, just like the ACT test, but does not have a writing test. Scores will be reported on the same 1-36 scale as the ACT, but PreACT includes fewer questions and will take less time to administer than the ACT. Schools, districts and states can begin ordering the test in May; the cost will be $12 per student.

ACT Simulation
Unlike other pre-exams, the PreACT differs as it gives students a real-life estimation of how they would perform on the actual ACT exam. Each question on the PreACT is reflective of what a student would find on the actual ACT. Also, rather than providing students with a complicated score, this new exam scores the student using the exact same scale as the ACT. Above all, this test will get students comfortable and familiar with the style of the ACT, which is crucial for future testing performance. For parents and educators, the PreACT score will demonstrate student progress and identify specifically which areas he or she should focus on for improvement.

More than a Score
After taking the PreACT, students will be given so much more than a simple numbered score. Students will receive a personalized view of college and career opportunities that are derived from their score on the exam. If a student is feeling a little lost in terms of their future or is just in need of a little direction, the PreACT is the perfect tool to provide them with insight.

A Better Tomorrow
Other than helping your student navigate through their future plans, PreACT data has the potential to revolutionize school, district and state understanding of overall student progress. Schools across the country can utilize PreACT scores as tools to benefit students far and wide regarding curriculum and beyond. These test scores will also enable counselors to have earlier and more informed conversations with students about topics such as course selection, career plans, postsecondary options and potential scholarships.

The PreACT exam can be administered anytime between September 1st and June 1st. At Sylvan Learning Centers of the RGV, we are committed to helping school districts, families and students with college prep. If you have questions about the new PreACT or any of our college prep programs, contact us today at (956)682-9800. We know firsthand how tough college prep can be; let us help you and your students today! 
The Basics