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Testimonials for Sylvan of Woburn and Burlington

At Sylvan Learning of Woburn and Burlington, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • You do what you say you'll do. There's a set plan for each individual child. Everyone is extremely professional and nice.

    Lynda Farrell
  • My daughter's grades improved and stress that she had in school disappeared. The tutors were able to assist with problem areas and results were achieved.

    Nora McClymer
  • The teachers are great and really care about the student. My son is getting the help he really needs from sylvan he has been going there since june and they have been helping him ever since great place for extra help he is doing so much better in reading because of sylvan. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    Kelly Donahue-Eldeeb
  • My sons SAT score went up 100 points! It was last minute but I contacted Sylvan to prep my son 3 weeks before the test. They recommended the best program to help him in a short period of time and it worked. Staff was outstanding, I definitely recommend Sylvan!

    Mickie P.
  • Very happy! Sylvan gave my son the confidence and math skills he needed to ace his math class

    James B.
  • Best decision I made for my son. My son Aidan was having a tough time in his 6th grade math class. I researched a few tutoring companies but Sylvan did stand out to me. When I called they told me they would design a personalized program for Aidan that would increase his confidence, fill in his foundation skills and most importantly they would help him understand his homework. This won me over because his math seemed so different from the way I was taught math years ago. Aidan worked with Sylvan for a few months. Sylvan contacted his teachers to make sure we were all on the same page and they kept me up to date with progress meetings and a parent website that showed Aidan's progress. Aidan worked with a certified teacher and an I pad, he did not mind going at all. I am so glad I made the decision to call Sylvan. This has made a big difference in a single dads life.

    Eddie A.
  • Sylvan Learning Center has helped my 8 year old daughter prepare for 3rd grade. She loves going there and says they make learning fun!!!

    Gina Jones
  • "Sylvan has been a huge help to me. During my time at Sylvan I have learned so much that I am going to continue to use for the rest of my life."

    C.M (11th grade Study Skills Student)
  • The approach seems to be engaging my son who does not normally like math.

    Bill Cole
  • You offer small or one and one instruction which helps to keep my daughters attention

    Andrea DeSario
  • My three kids learned while having fun together, and all three of them loved the instructors!!

    Michael Z.
  • My son had gained confidence in his ability, feels free to ask questions and asked me "why can't Sylvan be my school"

    Kristine L.
  • The instructors at Sylvan Reading and Burlington make meaningful connections with my son. The curriculum is great, but it is the connection that empowers the student and delivers results both the student and parent can be happy about.

    Zatcha F.
  • I like how all the teachers are in the same page with the program. It doesn't matter if my daughter sees a different teacher, she is still able to do her work without interruption.

    Monique A.
  • They are professional and accommodating. The director is very accessible. She worked to find the right tutor match for our son.

    Carolyn H.
  • Personalized learning, highly effective tracking system, progress reports very detailed & informative, flexible scheduling.

    Jennifer G.
  • Manager is always available and provides information quickly Space is clean and comfortable My children like going because they get to use ipads

    Jane W.
  • I like how they meet with my son's teacher so that they can be some consistency with learning techniques and be up to date on what they are currently learning.

  • Very timely and appropriate and helpful communication. Extremely polite and professional staff. My son likes working with all instructors. Pleasant and respectful environment.

  • Convenient hours and location.

  • You are very responsive to my questions.

  • I love all the instructors and support staff at the Burlington location. They are extremely easy and flexible to work with. The support and encouragement they give my daughter is amazing and I have seen her confidence grow since she has been going.

  • I love all the instructors and support staff at the Burlington location. They are extremely easy and flexible to work with. The support and encouragement they give my daughter is amazing and I have seen her confidence grow since she has been going.

    Kim M.
  • The staff is very friendly, and flexible with working around my schedule. The location and amount of space in the facility is amazing.

    Tiffany Y.
  • The teachers are wonderful and have done such a good job with helping my son in both math and english!

    Amy C.
  • My kids scores are improving and they like it!

    Glorianne N
  • Well organized. Highly professional. Highly responsive to my questions and communication. Effective - seeing results in my child's work

    Anne S.
  • My daughter loved the small setting and the instructors seem to truly care!

    Ann G
  • Professionalism of all staff. Timely response to all questions. Reliable. Good communication

    Anne S.
  • Friendly, professional environment

    Kiki K.
  • I like everything about Sylvan. I especially like Miss Brittany, the director of the Woburn and Burlington locations. She is professional and friendly. I am very pleased with my grandsons progress. They make him feel comfortable and best of all confident. Sincerely

    Patricia J.
  • Program is tailored to my son’s learning requirements.

    Carmelina C.
  • I like how the curriculum seems to be tailored to my kids needs. My kids love it there

    Jaime B.
  • We have definitely seen her confidence grow since starting Sylvan. Although no parent wants to admit that their child may need extra help, I can truly say that Sylvan has been the correct decision for us. Thank you for all you do to help.

    Lynne R.
  • My daughter has grown more confident in her work habits and skills. She enjoys the teachers she works with and her grades are in a better place for sure!

    Lisa N.
  • Great program! Professional, friendly environment! Rosina and Brittany are both very nice to talk to very helpful, polite, professional young ladies! I am glad I decided to sign up my granddaughter to the program.

    Angeliki K.
  • We decided to enroll my 3rd grade daughter here for the summer months to help with her reading skills. Brittany and the staff are great. My daughter enjoys going and is challenged by the work but it's not too hard that she gives up. They use iPads to help teach the content as they work in small groups.

    Judy K.
  • Great customer service.

    Peter B.
  • My daughter appreciates the support. It is cutting down on her stresses about school and gives her a place for help - since she would never ask her parents for help

    Theresa P.
  • You have an understanding for kids and pay attention to what our kids need. Very friendly environment. My kids enjoy coming to your class.  All the teachers are awesome.

    Pinal P.
  • The staff is professional. My daughter loves it. She is ahead of the curve. We don't want to play catch up with school EXPECTATIONS. We love Sylvan and recommend it to everyone.

    Faith K.
  • Accommodating and thorough

    Brooke S.
  • I'm very happy with the results that I see in my daughter with her improvement and confidence growing every week. Thank you 

    Daniel D.
  • We received my daughter's HSPT results and wanted to share it with you. She got a 93 as her composite score. Please extend this message to her primary tutors. They helped her in understanding the various concepts she needed to know and they inspired her to work hard. Thanks again.

    Sunil J.
  • I like the fact that my 11 yr old daughter does not complain about going to get tutored. She likes all the teachers and the staff.

    Linda B.
  • You offer much feedback and encouragement. You are willing to adapt to the child’s needs

    Rob S.
  • My grandson feels very comfortable at Sylvan. The environment is so welcoming. Ms. Brittany Mozuch is such a professional. Always accommodating for scheduling. It makes it so easy. She’s the best.

    Patricia J.
  • Clean, quiet, nice people, and most importantly, my kids are making progress.

    Amy A.
  • Woburn location is convenient and Brittany is friendly, supportive, and made some great recommendations. I highly recommend this branch.

    Ellen L.
  • I appreciate everyone’s support for Bella. She’s come so far and learned so much from the teachers at Sylvan.  

    Daphne M.
  • My daughter is gaining more confidence with her math facts and reading. She spent all summer working really hard and without complaining to go!

    Meredith M.
  • I like the services that Sylvan provides and it's good.

    Roshni P.
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