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At Sylvan Learning of Crestview Hills, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • I have seen improvements in my child's ability to understand and do better with math and comprehension.

    J. C. - 10/26/16
  • The staff is very caring and understanding. The teachers are very patient and ensure your child has a full understanding. They do not judge and only care for the best interest of the children. They have been flexible with schedule as well! We have been attending for about a month and foresee a lot of progress and confidence.

    Barb Edmunds - 10/2016
  • My daughter loved to come here. Everyone made her feel so comfortable. Sylvan has helped my daughter in ways that may have gone unseen or undetected until much later. I would bring any child here no matter how big or little the issue is. They are wonderful.

    Diana Bay - 10/2016
  • Sylvan is a great place. There are lots of great teachers. The teachers are very nice and are great at their job. They are very successful in making growth in students. It is a very good opportunity to help your student improve. I give sylvan 5 stars. The director Katie works very hard and does a magnificent job. Your student will definitely improve. Sylvan is a wonderful learning environment with wonderful teachers.

    D Haas - 9/2016
  • Sylvan has been a great experience. The staff are very accommodating and make you feel as though you belong.

    Megan Kirkland - 9/2016
  • Sylvan has helped me tremendously throughout the years. I have gone to three different centers, in three different towns, in two different states so I know what makes a good center and what doesn't. The teachers at the Crestview Hills center have helped me more than any of the other centers ever did. I am college age now and had some gaps in my learning from un-diagnosed learning disabilities. With the help of the wonderful staff, I was able to fill in those gaps and I become more confident in my reading, comprehension, and writing skills. They really took the time to work with me and make sure I understood everything before letting me move on. Sometimes it was annoying to go over something again and again but I now see it was a huge help! I was always the oldest student in the room but enjoyed the conversations with the children that attended while I was there. It was fun to see them grown and learn while I did as well. I can't thank Sylvan and the staff enough for what they did for me!

    Richenda Richwine - 9/2016
  • My daughter loves Sylvan! The teachers make learning fun. I would highly recommend for any child struggling or wanting advancement. Thanks Sylvan for helping my child learn to love math again!

    Kelly H.
  • My daughter is enjoying learning. She looks forward to going to Sylvan and tells me she loves the teachers.

    Kelly H. - 6/17/16
  • The staff is all great and my children have learned a lot .

    Amy M. - 6/9/16
  • I highly recommend Sylvan to anyone who has a child struggling. My son is in kindergarten and was struggling with Reading so my husband and I reached out to Sylvan and after just one month I could see progress and now doing homework is a breeze.

    MIsty Feigh - 5/2016
  • We love it!

    Amy M. - 4/7/16
  • They have small groups so that my child is able to get one on one help and they are always letting me know how my child did after every session!

    Tiffany Chatt - 3/29/16
  • We had an awesome experience. Our third grader was struggling with reading comprehension and writing skills.  He also lacked confidence as well. Before coming to Sylvan, homework was a real challenge every night and his grades were not where they should have been. He was reading at a 2nd grade level. Now after completing the program (4 months) he has gained so much confidence and is now at or above a third grade level with various skills. The tutors are excellent. I highly recommend Sylvan to anyone who has a child struggling. Katie Johnson, the center director, has kept communication open about his progress with us and also reached out to his classroom teacher a number of times. They truly care about what is in the best interest for your child.

    Jennifer P.
  • What do I love about Sylvan?
    Convenience. Flexibility and my daughter loves the teachers!

    B.V. & A.V. - 11/24/15
  • We are so glad we took our son to Sylvan. He was struggling in school and was moving toward a rocky road at middle school. We knew if we did not get a head of the situation it would only escalate. The goal was to regain lost ground, prepare him for the entrance exam at WHHS, & move beyond his current issues toward success. Sylvan helped to accomplish all three! The first quarter at WHHS he was on the honor roll. It was worth every penny to give him the confidence he needed to succeed!

    Pamela Porter - 11/2015
  • Our daughter was struggling in reading and math. We worked with the Sylvan Center Director, Katie Johnson, to have her tested in both subjects. We learned she was behind almost 2 years in both subjects. Katie worked quickly and we began sessions the following week.
    During our time at Sylvan, we worked with a psychologist to have our daughter tested for ADD. Both Cindy Sheehan and Katie Johnson went above and beyond to help with filling out questionnaires and providing feedback to aid in this diagnosis. We worked with the school to develop a 504 plan for our daughter. Katie attend every meeting to be sure we covered all areas. While all the Sylvan tutors our daughter has worked with have been great, Cindy and Katie went above and beyond. They love and treat her as if she were their very own.
    We would never have been able to come this far without the help of Sylvan. I have and will continue to recommend this center to my family and friends. Thanks for all you do!

    Laura B - 10/2015
  • My daughter has attended Sylvan for about a month and we have already seen improvements in her reading! Her scores on her weekly reading tests have improved two letter grades and she is becoming a more confident reader. The staff is great to work with and accommodating with scheduling. The monthly meetings are so valuable to see the things your child is working on and also to monitor their progress. My daughter loves going to Sylvan and looks forward to her tutoring sessions.

    Brooklyn Anderson - 9/2015
  • I am extremely happy with the progress my child has made! I would recommend Sylvan to anyone with a struggling child. It is worth every single penny paid!

    Tonia Gordon - 9/2015
  • Since our son has been coming to Sylvan Learning Center, we notice something different in him. He seems to be more confident about the work he's doing and ready for the upcoming school year. Thanks to the staff of Sylvan Learning Center.

    Marvin Townsend - 8/2015
  • My 7 year old loves going to Sylvan for her reading skills. She is doing very well and is proud of her accomplishments!

    Kathy Saunders - 8/2015
  • We were very pleased with how much our daughter progressed since March. The staff works very hard to make sure she understands what she is doing and they were very patient with her. She really enjoys going there. They reassured us that she was ready to go to the next level.

    Leah Buddenberg - 7/2015
  • I like that Sylvan has summer hours and the flexibility to change your hours for tutoring.

    Kim H. - 6/19/15
  • The one on one attention makes all the difference. It is really a family atmosphere. Most importantly, it works.

    Lisa A. - 6/19/15
  • I'm so glad my husband and I called Sylvan Learning Center. This was the best decision we have made regarding our daughter's education. She needed help with reading and math. Now after attending a few months, she is like a new student. The staff is amazing. These very special teachers are so kind and patient with each and every student. Before and after each session we also had the opportunity to speak to the center's director, Katie. This very kind and sweet person always takes the time to speak to a parent or guardian to say "hello" and just a nice conversation to assure their visit at Sylvan was everything they anticipated and more. Thank You Katie and staff for all you do everyday!

    Sharon O. - 6/2015
  • They have been very hands-on with my daughters educational needs .

    Leah B. - 5/22/15
  • I brought my grandson to Sylvan to build up his Math skills. He was enrolled in a new school and was significantly behind. Since coming to Sylvan he has improved tremendously and his confidence is way up. It's a warm welcoming environment as well as very professional. I was afraid that he would not want to go and would find it tedious. He loves it! He will ask if he has tutoring and then cheer if I say '"yes". The staff is extremely friendly and thorough. Katie keeps me updated on his progress at all times and works very well with our chaotic schedule. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone in need of help for their child. I informed the staff at his old school and at his new one of our positive experience here. Hopefully they will share the information with other parents.

    L.A. - 5/21/15
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff. My daughter enjoys going to class.

    Angie R. - 5/18/15
  • Our 10 year old has had a significant improvement with his reading and writing skills thanks to the awesome tutors at Sylvan. He is much more confident with his homework and has developed a better attitude toward learning. Sylvan has made a world of difference in our lives!!!

    Lisa S. - 4/13/15
  • Erin, our instructor, has developed a good relationship with our child and it has made the learning process pleasant.

    N. - 4/4/15
  • My 9 year old loves coming to Sylvan. He loves the teachers and all the helpers. He is improving in his reading and math. Thank you all so much for all you do.

    Linda G. - 4/2015
  • The program works.

    Fran N. - 12/24/14
  • At Sylvan, there is a friendly, open and comfortable atmosphere where our son actually likes to learn.

    Tom & Lisa S. - 12/4/14
  • Great friendly staff at Sylvan of Crestview Hills.

    Jeanna C. - 11/28/14
  • I like the flexibility and the results.

    Alexandra L. - 11/21/14
  • I can't begin to thank you enough for the time, effort, and positive encouragement you have given my children. Our time spent at Sylvan, from the very first day, has been an uplifting experience. My child has mastered her skills and gained much confidence. Test preparation for both children will hopefully lessen their anxiety on test day. Much appreciation,

    Kelly R. - 11/18/14
  • I like the personal and structured instruction for my child, The teachers are great and go beyond what they need to do to ensure the learning environment is comforting and welcoming for all students.

    Vicky S. - 10/29/14
  • The staff at Sylvan of Crestview Hills has a compassion and a desire to help each child develop.

    Christina H. - 10/19/14
  • Very good communication and coordination of focus areas with local teachers and schools.

    Brian H. - 9/1/14
  • The instructors are great. They have really helped a lot with building my daughter's self-confidence. Her reading and math skills have improved and I'm really looking forward to seeing how well she does this school year as she starts her adventure in 4th grade.

    Jennifer J. - 8/8/14
  • I like the caring, personalized instruction. There is a fun atmosphere for learning and the activities are relevant to learning opportunities. The progress notes are careful and detailed.

    Louise C. - 8/8/14
  • I would recommend your services because the staff and Director truly care about my daughter and wanting her to succeed. The monthly meetings are helpful in keeping my daughter on track, making adjustment, and addressing any concerns. We appreciate Katie and her staff for everything they have done. She has gotten more confidence in her ability to do her homework and becoming more proactive in her studying. I believe this comes from Katie holding my daughter accountable and encouraging her to become more responsible. Katie and her staff are amazing with there knowledge, patience, and ability to connect with the students. 

    Michelle Thompson
  • The Math Edge program really helped my child gain confidence and catch up with what he was behind in.

    Joye Rhoads

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