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Teacher of the Week

Sep 10, 2019
Each Tuesday at 7:30am on 98.1 The Mix WDFM, Sylvan Learning showcases its Teacher of the Week. Sylvan is proud to feature teachers who have been honored for their work at the school, county, state or national level.
Nominations will be accepted for teachers of any grade level, from kindergarten through high school or vocational schools, who demonstrates some (but not necessarily all) of the following five qualifications:
1. Persistence in giving personal best
2. An inspiring example to others
3. Educational success
4. Strong contribution to school and/or community (through classroom activities, volunteerism, school clubs, extra-curricular activities, projects, etc.)
5. Love of teaching

If you know such a teacher, click to submit your nomination for Teacher of the Week
Teacher of the Week is sponsored by Sylvan Learning Centers of Defiance, Bryan, Ottawa & Wauseon.