Meet our Downey Tutoring Staff


Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Downey consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Downey know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Downey!

  • Adriene White-Scott, Owner

    Adriene White-Scott


    Ms. Adriene is the owner of Sylvan Learning Center of Downey. She took this location over in the beginning of 2020, and has over 10 years of experience at Sylvan! Ms Adriene has a background in education and law enforcement, so her tough love on our students helps produce amazing results! She trusts the Sylvan method so much that her own daughter went through Sylvan. Educating and motivating students to be the best version of themselves is a passion of hers! You can trust Adriene to always make the best recommendation for your child!
  • Ray Alpuche, Teacher

    Ray Alpuche


    Mr. Ray is a kind and passionate teacher working with students in Kindergarten up to Sixth grade. He works as a reading intervention specialist for Downey Unified, and teaches online for Sylvan of Downey. Mr. Ray has two young children of his own and is very patient and caring towards his students. When he isn't teaching, Mr. Ray enjoys collecting action figures and watching Marvel movies.
  • Pamela Stubblefield, Teacher

    Pamela Stubblefield


    Ms. Pam is a patient teacher whose knowledge is limitless! Sylvan Learning Center of Downey is blessed to share Ms. Pam's time with Sylvan in Culver City. Ms. Pam works inside our center and works well with our middle school and high school students. She is gifted at all levels of math, and is able to dissect reading passages like a math problem making it easier for students to comprehend. Ms. Pam's passion and enthusiasm for teaching motivates and inspires her students!
  • Joe Farr, Teacher

    Joe Farr


    Mr. Joe is a gifted math teacher and exceptionally patient towards middle school and high school students. We are blessed to share Mr. Joe's talents with Sylvan of Northridge. Mr. Joe teaches online for Sylvan of Downey. He has a vast range of knowledge and guides his students through the appropriate steps to find answers on their own. Mr. Joe's methods motivate students and encourages them to apply what they learn on their own!
  • Cassandra Beccera, Teacher

    Cassandra Beccera


    Ms. Cassandra is a teacher who believes in tough love and see's a lot of results because of it! Ms. Cassandra works as a Special Education Teacher for LAUSD, and works both online and in person with Sylvan of Downey. Ms. Cassandra has a passion for writing, and is the lead teacher for our writing program. She works with students in Kindergarten to Eighth grade, as well as those with special needs. She is compassionate and tough, and her students love her for it!
  • Vanessa Villegas, Teacher

    Vanessa Villegas


    Ms Vanessa is an experienced English teacher who has been with Sylvan Learning Center of Downey for two years. She works well with our middle school and high school students, and is an ELD teacher outside of Sylvan. Ms Vanessa is a passionate and patient teacher!
  • Cristian Sanchez, Teacher

    Cristian Sanchez


    Mr Cristian is a fun and patient online teacher who we are blessed to share with other Sylvan locations. Mr Cristian specializes in history and Study Skills, but he is also an excellent teacher in reading and math. He is an online teacher with us and works well with students of all ages!
  • Mali Robleto, Teacher

    Mali Robleto


    Ms Mali is an in center teacher who works well with our K-5 students! While Ms Mali primarily teaches reading, she also has a gift for math! She is a patient teacher who enjoys working with our young students!
  • Jorge Agredano, Teacher

    Jorge Agredano


    Mr Jorge is a patient and fun-loving teacher who works well with our 5th grade-12th grade students in reading. He has a knack for working with more challenging students or students with distraction issues. Mr Jorge loves teaching and his passion helps motivate students!
  • Gerardo Flores, Teacher

    Gerardo Flores


    Mr Gerardo is a substitute teacher for LAUSD and works inside our location at Sylvan of Downey. Mr Gerardo works well with our TK-5th grade students, as well as our students with special needs. He is a patient teacher who teaches reading and math.
  • Deborah Martinez, Teacher

    Deborah Martinez


    Ms Debbie has been with the Sylvan of Downey location since it opened 20 years ago! She is a true veteran and has a lot of experience in education. Ms Debbie also works with LAUSD! At Sylvan, Ms Debbie works with our K-6th grade students in reading and math. 
  • Juanita Castaneda, Teacher

    Juanita Castaneda


    Ms. Juanita is a passionate writing teacher who works at our Downey location. She looks forward to teaching your student the mechanics and nuances involved in writing. Ms. Juanita has a bubbly personality that makes her an excellent teacher with so many of our students.
  • Barbara Fitzpatrick, Teacher

    Barbara Fitzpatrick


    Mrs. Fitzpatrick is a reading and writing teacher at our Downey location. She has two decades of experience in education and has raised a wonderful family. Mrs. Fitzpatrick is eager to meet your student and make them feel welcome with her warm personality!
  • Krystalee Delgado, Teacher

    Krystalee Delgado


    Ms. Krystalee is an exceptional teacher for our TK-6th grade students. She is skilled at teaching reading and math. Ms. Krystalee also assists our students at Downey with their homework.
  • Melissa Lomenzo, Teacher

    Melissa Lomenzo


    By day Ms. Melissa works as a school librarian and in the evenings she shares her passion for reading with our Downey students. Ms. Melissa is a down to earth teacher who goes above and beyond to work with our Downey students. 
  • Antoinette Lopez, Teacher

    Antoinette Lopez


    We are thrilled to have Ms Antoinette join our Downey team. Ms Antoinette is a versatile teacher who comes from the Sylvan of Pasadena program. She loves connecting with our homework support students and students of all ages to encourage learning!
  • Cristian Esperanza, Teacher

    Cristian Esperanza


    Mr Cristian is a new addition to the Downey team with a passion for math and science. His ultimate goal in life is to be a doctor, and while he works towards his goals he helps your student reach theirs!
  • Melanie Villa, Teacher

    Melanie Villa


    Ms Melanie is a passionate math and science teacher, who is working towards a career in medicine. Ms Melanie has fallen in love with teaching and works well with students of all ages!
  • Daniela Vallejo, Teacher

    Daniela Vallejo


    Ms Daniela is a young, passionate reading teacher who works well with our TK-5th grade students. Ms Daniela utilizes creative thinking and problem solving to bring the best out of our students!
  • Kali Wade, Teacher

    Kali Wade


    Ms Kali is a weekend teacher with Sylvan Learning Center of Downey. She is an excellent math and reading teacher with students of all ages! When you bring your student in for a free assessment on Saturday, Ms Kali will be the one helping you!