Testimonials for Sylvan of Fairlawn

At Sylvan Learning of Fairlawn, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • I love how Sylvan took the time to find out what my son's strengths and weaknesses were so they knew better what he needed help with. His confidence level had improved immensely.

    CathyJo P. - 6/16/16
  • Very committed to assisting our child in achieving success in learning!

    Courtney G. - 6/16/16
  • We like the friendliness and adaptability of Sylvan.

    C. A. & A. A. - 6/12/16
  • The staff truly seems invested in each child and making learning a fun experience.

    Bob M. - 6/1/16
  • Friendly - Megan and Mike are AWESOME!!!! Really like the monthly check-in to see progression or overload of our daughter and needing to change. Love that they can tell stories about a side of my child that I don't always see.

    Kevin M. - 5/2/16
  • One on one attention and patience with our son as he applies his learning.

    L. S. - 4/25/16
  • The staff is very friendly and committed to helping your child achieve to their highest potential. I like the fact that they include the child in their assessment and ask them questions as well. I would highly recommend Sylvan to family and friends.

    Peggy M. - 4/19/16
  • Designed around each individual.

    Rachel L. - 4/8/16
  • What do I love about Sylvan? All of it. I love how personalized all aspects of the experience are, love the staff, the flexibility and of course the results!

    T. L. & L. L. - 4/3/16
  • This is what my eight year old says about Sylvan, "I love Sylvan because they make school fun! I love it!<3 <3"
    I love that Sylvan has boosted her confidence in math!

    Chrissy Myers-Johnston - 4/2016
  • Sylvan is definitely worth it!
    When I came in I was a very discouraged sophomore with dreams of becoming something bigger! I wanted to do something with my life, but I was so bad at school, I hated it! I didn't want to try anymore, I felt like a complete failure. Coming into Sylvan was probably the best thing I ever did. They helped me get ahead and get some confidence and reassurance that I could in fact do something with my life. They made me feel so welcome and welcomed me to a very supportive family support system that helped me through the summer and my junior year of high school. I am now completely confident in my abilities to do well in school. I went from a struggling D-average student to a confident student with all A's and B's. The change has been amazing and I'm so glad I decided to make that change.
    Sylvan is definitely highly recommended from me.

    Reckless Eventing - 4/2016
  • We love the staff and their thoroughness to help your child succeed.

    M.H. & A.H. - 3/23/16
  • The teachers are motivating. All services are tailored to my child's needs. My child has shown good results since the first day of tutoring.

    J. G. - 3/8/16
  • I feel it is such a personal experience for the child to get all aspects of their learning needs. Sylvan has exceeded my expectations and I could not have sent my child to a better place! You have a very happy parent and student!!

    Amber G. - 3/6/16
  • Competent and effective; improved her ACT score by 4 points!

    A. C. - 2/26/16
  • Great staff.

    R. S. - 2/15/16
  • Friendly staff and they are helping my child to be enthusiastic about math.

    J. K. - 2/9/16
  • Sylvan has helped me tremendously. I am grateful that my parents found Sylvan. I used to quit trying in math because I felt like I was too dumb to do math. I just lost ALL of my confidence. But, when I went to Sylvan, my math grade went up in a few weeks and I got my confidence back. At the beginning of the school year, my math grade was an F for a long time. But then, I started going to Sylvan and my grade went up to a C in a few weeks. Now, my math grade is a B, and that’s because Sylvan helped me so much. Sylvan is fun and the teachers are super nice and helpful. I always tell my friends, teachers, and parents how much fun I have at Sylvan. When I am at Sylvan I use the iPad to do my work and that is fun and helpful. If we hadn’t found Sylvan, I would still have an F in math. Thank you so much, Sylvan, for helping me get my confidence back, and thanks for helping me find out that I am not dumb. Sylvan Learning Center, you’re my hero. (edited)

    N. V. - 2/2016
  • We love everything you do!! Especially, helping our student succeed--from reading at home to wanting to come to class.

    H.M. & D.M. - 1/7/16
  • We like all of the study options available - online, take-home binders and in-person tutoring. It provides a lot of options to the student to learn in the way that suits them best.

    L.B & D.B. - 1/2/16
  • My daughter, a Junior, completed the ACT prep class. Her outstanding score was due to the classes she took. She improved her score by 4 points from her first to second try. This course is highly recommended.

    Leah Cavanaugh - 1/2016
  • My son and I had a talk about reading in the car. He says, well most of the time its just 10 minutes in the car. My response... Well if you read to and from each time we go out, then you only have 5 more minutes to read at home and you are done. Since then he has been reading in the car.
    Your help in figuring out ways to get him to start reading have been phenomenal. I appreciate all that you have done for not only him but for us, as parents, to push him in ways we didn't think of. Together we will get him reading!!! 

    Heidi M. - 1/2016
  • Personal and tailored to my child

    Y. I. - 11/27/15
  • Megan and Mike and all the teachers were awesome! They got my daughter caught up and ready for kindergarten and gave her the confidence she needed to succeed! I am VERY pleased with our experience at Sylvan!

    Alison Kamp - 11/2015
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. From what I have seen, all children are made to feel special!

    G. K. - 10/27/15
  • Love the support, the environment, and the teachers.

    B. G. - 10/22/15
  • Megan is outstanding and does a great job motivating the kids. The Fairlawn location is awesome. Our daughter has gained significant confidence in taking the ACT and tests in general. The suggestions and tips are very helpful.

    T. B. - 10/21/15
  • The people are so nice and caring.

    Bonnie M. - 10/18/15
  • The staff is very good. They make learning fun.

    Dolores H. - 10/14/15
  • Sylvan of Fairlawn has an awesome team of teachers and staff, that make learning fun! My daughter now excels at reading, and I even found her reading for fun the other day! They strive to build confidence, and even attended meetings with our school to make sure our daughter was getting he best help possible. Even math, her least favorite, wasn't as difficult or boring at Sylvan! Sylvan was worth the investment in our daughter's education and confidence!

    Sarah Huth - 10/2015
  • Sylvan works!

    Michelle & Evelyn Y. - 9/19/15
  • Awesome people, totally caring. They put my kid first and have an excellent approach to disciplined learning that is more like coaching

    Christine R. - 9/1/15
  • My daughter absolutely HATED math before coming to Sylvan in Fairlawn. She started the math program in the summer and has continued throughout the school year. She has learned so much and has figured out that math can be hard, but she can DO it. She just got an A on her first math test, and I know it has to do with the wonderful teachers and support system you get from this facility. I cannot say enough good things about everyone at this location. They really care about my daughter and seeing her succeed. My daughter absolutely loves coming here every week. I look forward to working with them for many months/years to come!

    Connie Nutter - 9/2015
  • They have helped my daughter enormously! She loves going, and actually shares what she learns without prompt...and she's 6!!

    Michelle Young - 9/2015
  • Targeted instruction that builds confident, excited learners.

    Carrie Rischmiller - 9/2015
  • My son used to dislike school. He thought it was too hard. Since starting Sylvan, he has completely changed his mind. He likes going to Sylvan to learn and isn't so down on school anymore. Doing homework is much easier. We love Sylvan it's a great help.

    Rachel Lane - 9/2015
  • Megan (Center Director) is awesome and the staff has been great.

    R.B. & A.B - 8/30/15
  • My daughter has made such wonderful progress this summer under the direction of wonderful teachers. Everyone we have had any contact with has only shown the most concern that she do her best. This is my second daughter to attend Sylvan and I have nothing but praise to say about all the staff. I would give everyone of them 100 stars. Megan and Mike make us truly feel like part of the Fairlawn Sylvan family. 

    Kimberly Berger - 8/10/15
  • My child has seen remarkable improvement and the staff is awesome!

    Kimberly H. - 8/1/15
  • They really care about the kids and their learning needs.

    S. T. - 7/29/15
  • Child centered, positive, skills matched to needs of student, fun for kids, motivating.

    Bonnie G. - 7/24/15
  • You were able to pin point where my daughter needed help, a plan was made and is being executed! Also, we see the results on paper and in her! She loves going to tutoring!

    Amanda M. - 7/20/15
  • Everyone really appears to care about my daughter and her progress with each goal she meets.

    Kimberly B. - 7/15/15
  • Kind. Easy going. My kid is moving along. He gets excited to go.

    Josh H. - 7/10/2015
  • I cannot say enough good things about Sylvan in Fairlawn and how much they have helped both of my children. They are so dedicated and encouraging and motivating to their students. Both of my kids have loved their experience there and it has helped their learning and success in school in tremendous ways.

    Dumbsvillechannel - 7/2015
  • The kids always seem excited to go to Sylvan and once they are through with a session, they are excited to talk about what they have done.

    Donna S, - 6/29/15
  • Friendly and give kids confidence .

    Lisa R. - 6/28/15
  • I am impressed by the enthusiasm that my grandchild has shown toward her involvement with Sylvan. The kindness of the employees and the professionalism displayed makes me feel that our child is in the right place to enhance her academic abilities.

    Brenda L. - 6/12/15
  • I can not say enough about Sylvan and Megan - they are fantastic! They have made such a difference in my son's life - he went from being behind to way ahead! Just amazing - I appreciate all the updates and progress reports! Megan even went so far as to attend a conference at my son's school.

    K. H. - 6/2015
  • Sylvan has knowledgeable teachers.

    A.C. - 5/15/15
  • My daughter has been going to the Fairlawn store for only a short time and already her attitude has improved. Her whole outlook is better. I can't say enough good about Megan and her team. As parents, it's hard to watch our kids struggle, but in just a month and a half my daughter is happier and more enthusiastic and her grades are up. Again, we could not be happier. We believe this is the best thing we have done for our daughter yet. Thank you to the Fairlawn team!

    H.H. & M.H - 5/12/15
  • Sylvan of Fairlawn has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.  With the help of the instructors she has grown tremendously in her skills. Megan and Chris are wonderful with informing the parents and guiding the children.  Thank you for all you do at Sylvan of Fairlawn.

    Jamisen M. - 4/28/15
  • The program is very organized and the staff is willing to work around our schedule.

    Gina R. - 4/17/15
  • Sylvan makes it exciting and my daughter begs to go! I love that she is loving this program!

    Amanda M. - 4/4/15
  • I like the respect for the individual student and the positive messages they give to encourage them.  The computerized instruction is tailored to the individual's needs.

    Lauren C. - 3/31/15
  • I love my son's attitude since attending Sylvan. I'm very happy with everything so far. I also have to say that I feel Megan was genuinely protective of my son after having the feedback from his school conferences. Thank you.

    Erin M. - 3/21/15
  • I love the positive atmosphere.  All of the staff is wonderful and so motivating. My daughter has excelled in as little as 6 months.

    Aaron & Jamisen M. - 3/15/15
  • My daughter loves to attend Sylvan of Fairlawn. For me, that's a winning battle. The management team and teachers are friendly and full of information for furthering my daughter's education. The program is outstanding. I know, because of the way my child shows growth in confidence. The monthly progress meetings are informational and keep me up to date on a regular basis. We will return to Sylvan, on an as-needed basis, even after my daughter finishes her program. We love it!

    Kelley D. - 3/11/15
  • The groups are  small and organized. Time is taken to really make sure the child has the concept down before moving on to something else.

    Amy A. - 3/2/15
  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all that you have done for our family and our son. Sylvan was an investment for our family that I will never regret. I cannot thank you enough. Our son is a more mature, confident, strong young man because of your help.

    H. K. - 2/11/15
  • The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and interested in my student.

    Elizabeth L. - 2/8/15
  • At Sylvan, they want to see every child succeed. The staff is amazing and will help to accommodate your needs. My family highly recommends Sylvan Learning to other families.

    Gilbert & Tiffany C. - 2/3/15
  • I like that they are responsive to the needs of the learner and that the program is personalized.

    Lynn H. - 1/20/15
  • The program is individualized and has focused instruction.

    Terry B. - 1/12/15
  • I like the friendly service and ability to work around my busy schedule with sports.

    Gina R. - 1/5/15
  • I like the positive encouragement and push to accomplish that we have experienced.

    Erika G. - 12/1/14
  • Megan (Center Director) is very attentive and cares!

    Kimberly H. - 12/2014
  • I like that you are here to help my son.

    Jana L. - 12/2014
  • What do I like best about Sylvan?  The end results.

    Jenny & Virginia K. - 11/30/14
  • I like the holistic approach, focusing not just on academic performance but the building and sustaining of a student's confidence. I also like the individual attention and collaboration with my child's teachers to create a plan unique to her needs. Sylvan offered additional support during challenging times not just for my daughter but for me as well.

    Stephanie F. - 11/21/14
  • The director is friendly and is willing to work with a crazy schedule and the center is full of caring teachers.

    Gina R. - 11/19/14
  • Sylvan is very caring and accommodating.

    Jessica B. - 10/16/14
  • Megan is a great director! She really cares about her students.

    Cassie G. - 9/6/14
  • I like the effectiveness of the teaching method and the sound customer service.

    Sophia S. - 8/18/14
  • Megan is wonderful. Everyone is enthusiastic. My son has improved 150%.

    Elizabeth L. - 8/6/14
  • Ever since our daughter started at Sylvan of Fairlawn, we notice that her confidence level has increase. She is getting assistance with math. She has stated to my husband and I that the teachers are nice and she is having fun! When it is time to go to Sylvan she gets really excited and she will say that she is so happy to go Sylvan! Additionally staff is always available to help and listen. Thank you Sylvan.

    Fred J.
  • Sylvan has truly helped my daughter Olivia get her grade to 2 letter grades! We got her past 4th grade! Onto 5th!

    Jennifer K.
  • Our son has been attending Sylvan of Fairlawn for a few weeks now and his confidence with his math skills have improved so much!! We are confident that he will continue to improve!! Thank you so much !!

    Sheryl P.

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