What Your Child Can Expect

What's a tutoring session like at Sylvan of Hamilton Township?

It’s a great question! Our tutoring sessions are designed for the way today’s kids learn, so your son or daughter gets the best outcomes.

Here’s a look at how our tutoring sessions work and why each session is so motivating, effective and fun.

What Your Child Can Expect at Sylvan

Personal attention in a small group setting

1. Individual, guided instruction

Your child receives instruction on his or her personalized curriculum from an amazing, Sylvan-certified teacher. One to two other students also work on their lessons at the table. Each child has his or her own learning plan that includes both guided instruction and independent practice.

2. Independent Practice

After your child receives instruction, he or she completes assigned exercises on an iPad® to apply the lessons. Unlike print worksheets, the interactive exercises adapt to your child’s pace and speed, so learning is rewarding, never frustrating.

3. Learning Recaps

Our teacher grades your child’s work, answers questions and helps your child understand missed answers. If a concept isn’t clicking, the teacher finds new ways to explain the lesson. We won’t stop until your child masters each concept!

4. Motivation

Throughout the session, our tutors use our proven motivation program to ensure your child stays engaged in learning. There are lots of high fives going on too!

Families will tell you their kids love coming to Sylvan of Hamilton Township – and yours will too. Join us!

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