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FREE Math EDGE Class at Sylvan of Harvey

Sylvan Learning Math EDGE

Schedule a FREE session of Math Edge at Sylvan of Harvey.

Inspiring Independent Thinkers and Master Problem Solvers
Math Edge is a favorite among kids and parents. Math Edge uses a variety of brain-boosting activities to help your child solve problems in cool and engaging ways. (Say goodbye to mind numbing drills!) With each math lesson, your son or daughter develops problem solving skills, as well as math proficiency, speed and accuracy. You’ll love seeing your child learn to think independently, build math confidence and have a lot of fun.

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This free class is for one full hour of Sylvan Math Edge only. The class starts promptly at the time scheduled and ends one hour later. A student must be scheduled in advance, and classes may not be available at all times shown on the Sylvan course schedule. If the student arrives late or does not show for the scheduled class, your free class will be forfeited. Your free class can be rescheduled if the center is notified by noon on the scheduled day. Math Edge class size is limited to a maximum number of students. This offer is only available at Sylvan of Harvey and may not be combined with other offers or promotions.