Writing Programs in Hiawatha

Writing Programs in Hiawatha

How to Make Your Child a Better Writer (and Take the Battle Out of Writing)

Take heart, kids of all abilities struggle with writing!

Getting writing tutoring from Sylvan of Hiawatha can make a big difference if:

  • Your child stares at a blank piece of paper, unsure of where to start
  • Short answer or essay questions on tests are where your child loses the majority of their points
  • Writing assignments have become a nightly battle of wills (often with nagging or tears)

Turn things around with a Sylvan writing program. You’ll help your child become a better writer, build confidence and take the struggle out of writing assignments.

With Sylvan of Hiawatha's writing programs, your son or daughter will:

  • Clearly organize and convey thoughts without frustration
    Our writing tutors in Hiawatha help your child break the writing process into small, manageable pieces. Your child will have the structure to know EXACTLY how to go from ideas, to writing, to revisions.
  • Complete the toughest assignments with confidence
    Your child will discover how to apply the six traits of good writing (including correct writing mechanics and grammar). With these tools, your child will write with confidence, rather than feeling overwhelmed.
  • Find the fun in writing, making school more enjoyable
    Our writing tutors use activities that encourage creativity and reflect your child’s everyday life. Writing becomes much more fun. (We consistently hear this feedback from families in Hiawatha!)
  • Become a better test taker and writer in ALL subjects
    Writing plays a big role in a variety of subjects. Your child will learn how to analyze writing prompts on tests and how to follow a clear writing process — even for science, social studies and math assignments. From short answer to more in-depth questions, your child will learn how to master answering questions clearly.
  • Build perseverance and use time well
    Our writing tutors teach kids how to think through writing in strategic chunks, so kids spend thoughtful time on each step. (No more giving up after 10 minutes!) And because kids have a clear process to follow, your son or daughter make better use of time.
  • Hone the digital writing skills needed for 21st century careers
    Your child will get expert teaching from our tutors and the best learning technology. In addition to “pencil and paper” activities, your child may use our iPad-based SylvanSync platform to make writing easier and more fun — never overwhelming! Technology is a part of how we all write and communicate today. We’ll show your child how to use it appropriately.
  • Improve targeted skills — from handwriting, to research skills
    Our writing tutors are happy to tailor our writing program to your child’s needs. Well partner together to add any “a la carte” topics your child needs, so your child develops the right skills and confidence to succeed.

Get results far beyond English class

You’ll see a direct connection between the writing skills your child learns at Sylvan and what’s expected in school.

Don’t wait another day to get the best writing help for your son or daughter.

Invest in a writing program at a Sylvan of Hiawatha. Our hourly rates are very competitive with local tutors.

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