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At Sylvan Learning of Kahala - Honolulu, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

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  • Both my children (ages 15 and 14) have been going to Sylvan Kahala for over a year now and there has been a marked improvement in their grades. In addition to the improvement in their scores at school, the result I am most impressed and satisfied with is the consistency in their efforts and comprehension. Sylvan has filled a void in their learning process between work at school and homework. Sylvan has helped to reinforce concepts that are learned in school when they are fresh in the student's memory. In addition, the study skills and disciplines taught at Sylvan have helped my kids learn more efficiently and make the most of the their valuable time as they try to juggle all the academic demands of school along with all the other demands on their time. I'm looking forward to utilizing Sylvan's help in preparing the kids for their PSATs and SATs. I think the cost/benefit of sending them to Sylvan versus the other programs I've seen and heard about is pretty compelling. Thanks Team Sylvan! Keep up the good work!

    Son-Jai P.
  • Aloha my name is Anu Rapozo. I have a son his name is Jasyah he is in the 3rd grade and has been attending Karen Watada's tutoring class after school. He has had a difficult time with math and reading since 1st grade. We learned of this tutoring class at Boys and Girls Club of Lihue and decided to have Jasyah take the test. It turns out that he needed help in all areas. It has been a blessing for our son most important, that we have this resource available with Sylvan for him to attend. His teachers that he has had have all been awesome and their teaching skills on point. But for Jasyah he needed that extra instructor, motivator and patient person that will take the time to show him how to make sense of what's going on. Karen has helped our son improve tremendously. His confidence level has increased and he is getting better at math and reading comprehension. His grades went from a DP (Developing Proficiency ) To MP (Meets Proficiency). That's a HUGE accomplishment for this young man. We were all so proud of his accomplishment. And we hope that this program will stay. I am a true believer in this, that it works well, and is something that will enable our children's future to seem brighter and motivate them to strive for more because the challenge of math or reading is not an obstacle that will hinder their confidence. But an achievement that they will embrace when it arises. Thank you for the opportunity of my son's education. Thank you from all of us in our family for having Sylvan as a resource. We greatly appreciate it. 

    Anu Rapozo, Mother of Jasyah
  • I have taken my son to so many different learning centers. But he likes Sylvan the BEST!!!!! He enjoys going to Sylvan very much and he always says the teachers are very nice and super fun to work with on the ipad. I highly recommend Sylvan!!!!!

    J. An
  • The instructors really care about my daughter Tiffany and they help make her Robotics class a truly enjoyable and great learning experience for her. They pay close attention to the students and make themselves available if the student has any questions (as Tiffany is building they allow her to discover and work things out on her own but the minute she requests assistance they are there to assist her  just enough until she can get to the point where she can then take over again). She loves coming to Robotics and has brought a friend too. I am very happy we found Sylvan at the Kahala sidewalk table. Thank you

    L Katsuda
  • Friendly service and very informative about all programs that are offered. They design a program for success for each child. They really do care & our children are comfortable with each tutor which gives us, as parents, a sense of ease & reassurance that our children are getting help in the best way at Sylvan of Kahala.

    T Sopoaga
  • I find the flexibility of scheduling very convenient and helpful. The instructors provide a very positive environment for learning and in the process, they have influenced and supported our granddaughter's confidence and self esteem. This has resulted in better grades and a happy student. Sylvan, thank you for your continued support.

    E Torres
  • Our son enjoys working with the tutors, he show more understanding in the math and reading material he is given. He started at the end of the school year, and the reinforcement has helped him gain confidence in asking for help on both subjects and end the year on a higher note. We are very happy with SYLVAN, we should have inquired sooner!

    A Ursulum
  • Personal plan, goal setting, works with schedule. Staff is great. Most of all our daughter loves it...loves the teachers... and I have seen most (if not all) staff go out of there way to know her and acknowledge her and make her feel like she belongs there which helps her to succeed.

    S Perkins
  • Aloha Pam My grandson Camren Holt-Ho attends the tutoring offered by Sylvan at Lihue Kauai. He had a very difficult time in reading and was falling behind grade wise... After attending tutoring I've noticed a change in him. His vocabulary as well as his reading has improved. I'd like to take this time to say thank you to Karen, the Sylvan teacher, for her time with the children and giving my grandson and us the grandparents and parents this wonderful opportunity. Mahalo Nui Loa.

    Mrs Kehau Portugal
  • My daughter is attending Sylvan during her online learning, she is in the first grade. Her confidence is increasing, she loves attending the classes at Sylvan and her reading is greatly improving! On top of the school work, they prepared a special program for her to work on her reading. The offices are clean, Covid-safe, and well organized with many tools to help children learn. The learning groups are very small. The owner Pam is very nice and capable.

    K. K.
  • Yes. Our son Matthew feels confident in school because of what he is developing at his tutoring sessions in Math and English at Sylvan. He looks forward to spending time at Sylvan and in turn, he also looks forward to going to school and encountering new lessons. He does get concerned about having a lot of homework and extra practice outside of School and Sylvan, but he is not overwhelmed by it because he understands how to handle the work. I also really appreciate the ability of Sylvan to assist with homework and SAT testing. This is really great because it demonstrates how flexible Sylvan is which can really help out any kid during their educational career. I would recommend Sylvan to any parent.

    Nina L
  • Very friendly tutors and owners. Always willing to make changes to best fit the learning needs of your child. Great place to come whether you are looking for private tutoring for school (reading, writing, math) or PSAT tutoring. etc. We used Sylvan for reading/writing. I chose Sylvan over Kumon due to the instruction that you receive at Sylvan. Just depends on your child's needs though. We love the regular tutors that we go to and the interaction that they bring! My kids always come out happy with a smile at the end of their lessons. Great location, being at Kahala Mall. Very convenient with easy parking. I would definitely recommend Kahala Sylvan for any academic needs.

    Leigh B.

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