Meet our Huntington Beach Tutoring Staff


Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Huntington Beach consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Huntington Beach know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Huntington Beach!

  • Norma Chavarin, Education and Center Director

    Norma Chavarin

    Education and Center Director

    Norma earned a B.A. in Mathematics with a minor in STEM education from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Teaching from New York University. Norma’s experience includes eight years as an educator, five years as a Sylvan math tutor, and is Sylvan of HB’s Center Director. She has experience in working as a teacher in Orange County, and continuously uses her knowledge of content and pedagogy to adapt curriculum and materials to personalize her students' educational programs. Norma firmly believes that every student is unique and that learning should be personalized to help students achieve their educational and career goals. She especially thrives on challenges and seeks to help students gain the confidence needed to build skills in subjects that could seem unknown and scary.  
  • Holly Le, Executive and Center Director

    Holly Le

    Executive and Center Director

    Holly attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota where she earned her B.A. in Business Administration and International Business. She started Sylvan as an Admin seven years ago and fell in love with the program so much that she is now the owner and Executive Director of both Sylvan Learning of Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel. Holly believes Sylvan serves as a catalyst for academic confidence and is the guiding post for student growth and improvement. 
  • Linda Trinh Pham, Executive Director and College Prep Counselor

    Linda Trinh Pham

    Executive Director and College Prep Counselor

    Linda is an educator and philanthropist with a passion for cultivating personal development and educational growth. Her ties with Sylvan started in 2013, having enrolled her eldest son to ensure he received the guidance and confidence-building skills needed to navigate the school system.  She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Education - Language, Literacy and Culture, and her expertise is in academic counseling and higher education. Linda firmly believes that Sylvan’s philosophies of positive reinforcement and patient scaffolding help children traverse the path of self-discovery. 
  • Austin Dias, Teacher

    Austin Dias


    Austin received his B.S. degree in Biology, Cum Laude, at Loyola Marymount University and is currently an Optometry student at Western University. Throughout his time at Sylvan, he has learned that positive energy has the ability to radiate through others, and actively seeks to nourish positivity by directly influencing his students. With a deep love and passion for education, he thrives in transforming a student’s attitude from feelings of anger and frustration, to happiness and excitement. It is his personal goal for each and every student.  
  • Lynna Hong, Teacher

    Lynna Hong


    Lynna completed her Bachelor's Degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a focus in Elementary School at CSUF Fullerton. Her teaching philosophy is based on the belief that children are the future and for teachers to instill the value of education in their students. Teachers serve to guide children through their educational journey by motivating them to reach their full potential. Lynna’s mission is to help students instill a love for life-long learning and encourage them to never stop questioning the world around them.
  • Kara Cavallaro, Teacher

    Kara Cavallaro


    Kara earned her BA in English Literature and her MA in 19th-Century American Literature at CSU Long Beach. Her teaching philosophy is that all students have the ability to learn and that it is the teacher’s job to provide students with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Kara’s favorite thing about teaching is seeing the progress her students make and watching their confidence grow as they understand new concepts. She enjoys promoting valuable skills to her students such as critical thinking, writing, communication, and problem-solving, and believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity and access to learning. Kara strives to create a positive learning environment where students feel included, comfortable and safe, and where all ideas and opinions are welcomed.
  • Nhi Ma, Teacher

    Nhi Ma


    Nhi graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Education. He has over seven years of experience teaching secondary mathematics and enjoys helping all levels of students develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Nhi’s taught in NYC public schools and also worked with non-profit organizations to help bring high-quality instruction to underserved schools in NYC. One of his fondest accomplishments as a math teacher is seeing former students go from being insecure about their math abilities to go on to pursue engineering and other math-intensive degrees later on in college, and firmly believe students of all types can learn to appreciate and love math given the appropriate environment and instruction.
  • Leanna Hong, Teacher

    Leanna Hong


    Leanna earned her B.S. in Health Science at CSU Fullerton and M.S. in Occupational Therapy at New York University. Her teaching philosophy is that all students have the ability to thrive in a positive learning environment with the appropriate resources that support growth and success. Educators play an important role in a student's learning journey as they encourage students to develop their own intrinsic motivation to learn and succeed inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Shanti Ernest, Teacher

    Shanti Ernest


    Shanti is a dedicated, innovative high school math teacher with over 30 years of experience at the secondary level. Shanti earned her bachelor’s degree in Science and Education from Bangalore University India, and a Master of Arts Degree with an emphasis on Curriculum and Foundations from Chapman University, California. She strives to implement differentiated approaches to instruction to maximize student learning. Organized and enthusiastic, she is dedicated to helping her students develop a growth mindset and become confident learners of math.
  • Anabel LeNguyen, Admin and Student Support

    Anabel LeNguyen

    Admin and Student Support

    Anabel is studying Marine Biology and Child Psychology.  Her love for children bore from the belief that children are delicate and impressionable.  It is important to understand how they perceive the world and their emotions in order to guide them to their best selves.