Testimonials for Sylvan of Lafayette

At Sylvan Learning of Lafayette, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • i appreciate the professionalism and my son actually likes to go!!

    Maria B
  • I liked the personalized attention that resulted in better SAT test scores for my daughter.  

    Joe K
  • I enjoy the interaction between the instructors and the students.  My granddaughter looks forward to coming each session.  She is made to feel very good about herself. 

    Carolyn P
  • A friendly, caring staff that makes the kids feel comfortable. 

    Barbie D
  • I like the one on one attention that my grandson receives and the fact that he likes to go!

    John D
  • We love the individual attention and the goals that are set.  We feel confident that we will reach those goals.  

    Melissa W
  • Our daughter is getting ALL A's and B's now and her motivation and confidence are improving tremendously.  

    Julie M
  • The flexibility of tutoring options (either group sessions or one-to-one) and the ability for tutors to assist with so many different subjects.  My daughter's teacher in school is wonderful, but she really needed the one-to-one time to better understand Algebra.  She was able to do this with her tutors and we saw significant results.

    Jeri M
  • I like that it is being tailored to my daughter's needs.  She enjoys her teachers. 

    Sheena W