Meet our Lake Mary Tutoring Staff


Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Lake Mary consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Lake Mary know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Lake Mary!

  • William Silva, Franchisee Owner

    William Silva

    Franchisee Owner

    As Franchisee Owner, William Silva leads the Center daily operations for Sylvan of Lake Mary. A former Executive Director operating twelve learning centers in Brazil, William chose a career in the tutoring business because Sylvan is a big family and it has the best educational system. When William isn't at Sylvan, you'll find him spending time with his family.
  • Fabio Rezende, Finance Director

    Fabio Rezende

    Finance Director

    Fabio is highly meticulous and reliable Finance Director with an outstanding client service record. Adept multitasker able to handle a number of cash management projects with professionalism and accuracy. Strong research skills in optimizing current and efficient cash management team operation. When he is not at Sylvan he is playing his favorite games.
  • Bruno Guilherme Rezende Silva, Center Director

    Bruno Guilherme Rezende Silva

    Center Director

    As a Center Director, Bruno leads the Center daily operations, assessments and schedules for Sylvan of Lake Mary. Bruno is the Franchisee Owner son and he grew up at Sylvan. He chose a career with his family because of the passion about education. When Bruno is not at the Center he is reading and studying. He speaks three different languages. 
  • Bonnie Tutor, Reading and Writing Teacher

    Bonnie Tutor

    Reading and Writing Teacher

    I graduated from Ricks ,BYU, ID, with an associate degree in elementary education and I received my bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University ,UT in elementary education. I was a public school elementary teacher for twenty years, teaching first and fourth grades. I have been teaching the Sylvan program since 2017. My favorite part of teaching is watching my students attain their "aha" moments. I enjoy developing a rapport with my students and want them to enjoy learning and feeling successful.
  • Dwan Tutor, Reading and Writing Teacher

    Dwan Tutor

    Reading and Writing Teacher

    Dawn Was a B.A in Communication Science Area from the University of Florida and has more than 20 years of experience in many educational areas. Dawn has worked in St. Lucie, Seminole and Orange countries as an instructor. She also has 300 hours Florida reading Endorsement to qualify her to coach grade k-12 esol/English/reading and to teach 6-12 grade English and reading. Dawn has hiked most of the country’s national parks . when she is not showing others ``how to make the printed and spoken words come to life” . She enjoys reading, writing, journalism and traveling to some of the world's most beautiful places with her husband and large extended family.
  • Chris Tutor, Math Teacher

    Chris Tutor

    Math Teacher

    I’m a math specialist, I deal with mostly math kids from ages of 7-18, sometimes smaller if needed. My goals for the student is not just to see improvement in the Sylvan system but also to see their grades improve in school and to see the joy in their eyes when they let me know that their grade has improved. What I like to do in my free time is go to the movies.
  • Emma Tutor, Reading and Math Teacher

    Emma Tutor

    Reading and Math Teacher

    Emma has been teaching at Sylvan for a year and a half. She is attending Stetson University to attain a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a teaching license. She enjoys working with students on Math and Reading. Her goal for a student would be for them to understand and use what they have learned in everyday life.
  • Megan Tutor, Reading and Math Teacher

    Megan Tutor

    Reading and Math Teacher

    Megan has been working at Sylvan for one year, and has a BA in Digital Arts from Stetson University. She is attending UCF to earn her Masters of Science in Interactive Entertainment. Her goals for students are to help them enjoy learning, and help reach beyond their educational goals. 
  • Kara Tutor, Reading, Writing, Math, SAT/ACT Teacher

    Kara Tutor

    Reading, Writing, Math, SAT/ACT Teacher

    Ms Kara has been teaching for 25 years and 3 at Sylvan of Lake Mary. She has a BS in Social Science and Education along with a M Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. She believes that all the students can learn and enjoys helping them reach their educational goals. She especially enjoys working with students preparing for the SAT/ACT. Ms Kara currently teaches middle school math and science in Volusia County.
  • Andy Tutor, Reading / Math / SAT / ACT / Writing

    Andy Tutor

    Reading / Math / SAT / ACT / Writing

    I’ve been an educator for 10 years and I’ve tutored students of all ages in a variety of subjects, including special needs. I have a Master’s in Interactive Entertainment from UCF’s award-winning FIEA program, and I’m a big proponent of combining technology and learning. I believe that skills like coding, data analysis, and AI prompting aren’t just the future - they’re the present. I’m also interested in political science, philosophy, literature, and environmental activism. Teaching is my passion and I make a point of cultivating curiosity in my students, and always treating them with respect.