Testimonials for Sylvan of Louisville

At Sylvan Learning of Louisville, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • My son Rylan attends the stem classes and is loving it!

    Renia M.
  • The Center Director is great at explaining everything when you start.  I see the difference in my child's education. It's great.  No homework to take home either.  She's learning so much more then she does in school. I love the individual attention the teachers give too. It's a great place to go for extra learning no matter what you need.

    Kinzie F.
  • Sylvan has given my child great confidence. The teachers and the staff are great and they have helped my child a lot.

    John K.
  • Quality, customer service, and results.

    Danielle V.
  • One-on-one positive attention; Confidence building; Monthly progress conferences; Tutor conferences with student's teacher.

    Angela Y.
  • Small student to teacher ratio

    Jaclyn G.
  •  They are very willing to help and are understanding.

    Kenzie S.
  • I have been truly amazed at the results I already see in my daughter. Her grades have already begun rising and she enjoys going to tutoring. I am enjoying seeing her grow by leaps and bounds. Homework used to take several hours and typically involved lots of yelling and tears. Through her hard work and the dedication and know how of the Sylvan team, homework is knocked out in no time with no difficulty at all. That and her self confidence are priceless benefits!

    Tabitha W.
  • We are satisfied with the Services overall, the Program and the employees . I feel they are committed to the Success of the Student. Our son didn't know how to read and now he is reading and happy that he can read , it has helped him to build up his self esteem and he is more confident now.

    Lizbeth B.
  • Sylvan has been a fantastic experience for our son. He now has the confidence he needs to complete his work at school. The one on one attention he has received has made a tremendous impact not only his reading and math skills but his self esteem. He enjoys the learning environment that Sylvan provides and looks forward to even his Saturday morning sessions. The motivation to learn they provide is a great asset in that he has constant encouragement to keep moving forward.

    Kevin K.
  • My twin 16 year olds need help with Reading Comprehension. I'm super thankful for this Sylvan location's assistance in their education! The teachers, and especially the staff are wonderful and have done everything they can to help my kids succeed.

    Virgil G.
  • I've seen a definite improvement just in the short time my child has attended. His academics have improved as well as his attitude towards school.

    Tennysia O.
  • Very informative and courteous!

    Jennifer E.
  • I liked that the program was unique to my daughter's academic needs. In addition, my daughter liked the instructors who were both engaging and motivating.

    Rita S.
  • My daughter has only been coming to Sylvan for a little over a month, but her teacher sees improvements already. Her MAP testing goal for reading was a 158 and she scored a 167.

    Jennifer A.
  • When we first sent our son to Sylvan, some B & C marks on his report cards. His understanding of what he was reading was non-existent. Since attending Sylvan, our son maintained A & B marks all year and received numerous awards throughout the year for academics. His confidence level is high and he actually enjoys coming and doing homework. I would recommend Sylvan to anyone who wants to ensure their child is getting that needed push. Thank you Sylvan.

    Clarence D.
  • Sylvan has been great for my daughter. She is making great progress. Thanks Sylvan.

    Stephen B.
  • The staff is great and they always keep me informed with my sons progress.

    John K.
  • Our daughter has had trouble with reading and phonetics in general. Since we have started at Sylvan, the learning has been greatly accelerated and she is learning at a much better pace. This is an outstanding company to be a part of.

    James A.
  • Our pre-K son was having difficulty with retention of any sort with material at home. Now after one month he is counting to 16, rhyming words are increasing, and even wants to do homework!

    Jeffery B.
  • I have used Sylvan services in the past for help with my other children who were struggling in core subjects in school. Currently my 7 yr old son has been going to Sylvan for 4 weeks for tutoring in reading. He has had tremendous improvement in just a short period of time. His confidence has also improved. My son is actually excited about reading now. His teacher at his school was shocked at how much his reading has improved in 4 weeks. I strongly recommend Sylvan if your child is struggling with a subject in school. The instructors at Sylvan have been a blessing to my family. Thanks Sylvan!

    Merwyn F.
  • I like how happy my granddaughter is when she goes to Sylvan.

    Lavette B.
  • I love that this experience has expanded our kid's mind. She has been doing very well in school now.

    Thomas H.
  • My daughter loves the one-on-one help, she has never not wanted to go to her tutoring lesson. She is more than two years behind in her grade level and in 2 months at Sylvan she is already processing math a little quicker and improved in her other classes also. She just brought home her first A-B honor roll report card!

    Tammy B.
  • Dear Ms. Jamie, 
    Thank you for all you do. Jayden was so excited leaving tutoring recently. He said "there was a really cool dude; I really like him!" Whoever that was, he really connected....So whoever that was, please thank him.

    Carole B.
  • They are very accommodating with my schedule. They also touch base with you each month and the kids earn tokens to get prizes.

    Mandy A.
  • After completing Sylvan's program, my son's grades increased across the board. Very impressed with the results!

    Ellie H.
  • Sylvan is customer friendly and they work to meet the individual needs of the student while working with the busy schedule of families!

    Rita S.
  • Sylvan helped my son improve his math grade in just a few weeks. His confidence soared.

    Teena M.
  • I like how my son and I are listened to regarding his educational plan and he is given the things he needs. Thank you!

    Kristi B.
  • My granddaughter trusts and feels comfortable working with the tutors. The tutors know their materials. The tutors are very concerned about the well-being of the students.

    Pat B.
  • Nothing but good things to say about Sylvan of Fern Creek.  Not only is my child bringing home great grades...but most importantly his confidence has improved SO much!  Great instructors!  He loves going to Sylvan !

    Angela B.

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