Testimonials for Sylvan of Lynchburg

At Sylvan Learning of Lynchburg, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • I absolutely LOVE this Sylvan. The administrators are fast and courteous to meet any need we have had in the months we have been there. Their hours are great to support our busy family. The tutors! Wow! They are knowledgeable and kind to my girls. The successes in reading that they have had have been HUGE. Well worth the cost.

    Renee McArdle
  • Our entire Sylvan experience has been the positive addition I've only wished for until now. Every effort, thus far, has been a shot in the dark & all I could do was hope. I am already seeing results within the first month of my son attending sessions at Sylvan....academically, & just as importantly, my son's self-esteem, motivation and outlook on school and learning have changed for the better! The staff at Sylvan are patient, caring and could not be any more helpful. I have 100% confidence in this program for our child... and I'm constantly reassured just how knowledgeable Sylvan is at what they do! 

    Laura Shelton
  • We are very pleased with the services we have received so far. We are almost a month in to this new adventure at Sylvan and our 7 year old is making great strides. He loves the atmosphere and is really coming out of his shell. We are pleased with his enthusiasm and growth.

    Sarah R.
  • All the employees at the Timberlake Sylvan office have been great. They are helpful, knowledgeable, kind very concerned about helping my son do the best he can. I am very appreciative of the personal interest that they taken in my son's progress.

  • My Son attended the Engineering Camp this summer & LOVED it! He is already looking forward to doing another one again next summer. He learned a lot & had fun at the same time! I highly recommend.

  • My son really enjoyed the Robotics class. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of their work. It helped understand what they were doing!! I would really like for Tuck to continue taking classes there.

    Ms. Johnson
  • When I first emailed I said it was still a little early yet to see results. Now I see how well she is doing. My daughter is eager to come to (Sylvan) and enjoys her time there so that is an immediate improvement. She is doing her homework independently which is also an improvement. Then I was surprised to find that she will receive an academic award from her school. She continues to be like a "sponge" soaking up the (study) skills and looking at how to she will apply these as she heads to college in fall. I have already recommended Sylvan to my co-workers.

    Angelia P.
  • My grandchild has loved every session (of Robotics)! He has been excited before and after each session and seems to feel accomplished in the projects he completes. I think he understands more about how things work. Very positive experience overall.

    Louise Newton
  • They are professional and courteous. The teachers and staff make it fun and if my son is happy improving his academic then we are too!

    Suzanne C.
  • Bob Morgan, our local director is knowledgeable and genuinely cared about my son's particular needs. He met every question that I had with time and patience! My son just took his SAT test. Regardless of how he scored, I'm glad someone like Bob is there to guide us through. Thank You!

    Betsy Du
  • I like that my son looks forward to coming. Has fun while learning. And (after just a month) I can already see improvements in a short amount of time. Thank you Sylvan.

    Amber G.
  • The teachers take their time to help the children understand what is being taught as well as how it’s taught. The teachers are very patient and they have a passion not just to help but to also to have the children want to their best. My kids are now on the honor roll. Thank you Sylvan!

    Angela S.

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