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Summer STEM Workshops at Sylvan!


June and July Camp Options

Robotics: Grades 2-6June 13 - Dinosaur World June 15 - Safari Expedition 
Maker Spaces: Grades 1-3June 27 - Speed Makers - rocket carsJuly 13 - Motion Makers - visual illusionsJuly 25 - Sound Makers - echolocation
Maker Spaces: Grades 4-6June 29  - Flight Makers - catapults and rockets
July 11 - Force Makers - rocket cars and bridgesJuly 27 - Air Makers - kites and hot air balloons

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All workshops are from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Sign up for one or multiple workshops.  Discounts apply when you book more than one workshop.  Call or email for additional information.