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EARTH DAY: Spring into STEM

Apr 02, 2016
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and has now grown to be a world wide holiday that urges us to appreciate our environment and reflect upon its beauty. Earth Day draws attention to the environmental issues our planet faces and teaches children about actions, such as conservation and sustainability, that can reshape the course our future. It’s also the perfect time for a hands-on science adventure!


Of course, while you’re at it, why not make your own science journal? When kids have the opportunity to record and reflect upon their experiences, such findings stay with them as they move forward.

Learning about our earth would be incomplete if we didn’t take the time to understand the relationship between living organisms. A tabletop biosphere is a great way to create and observe a self-sustaining ecosystem. Composting can also be studied in a similar way. Here are instructions for an experiment called Compost in a Bottle

Sustainability is all about taking care of our earth and keeping it as healthy as possible to support and protect wildlife, ecosystems and habitats for future generations. Recycling and conservation are big parts of sustainable living, as is gardening. There’s no better way to drive this point home than to show children how to start a garden with food that grows itself. They’ll be fascinated by their ability to nurture something as simple as an avocado plant. Be prepared to watch their appreciation for our Earth blossom as they grow an avocado plant or tomatoes from a recycled inverted hanging tomato planter. 

Lastly, no study of the earth would be complete without some discussion of alternative energy sources. Elena Electronics has a “green” version of their popular Snap Circuits kits which makes this experiment easy and intuitive. It explores different environmentally friendly sources of energy including water, wind, sunlight, chemical and fuel cells. If you’d rather take the DIY approach, here are several fun experiments to learn about alternative energy. Their appreciation of our planet will come full circle at this point, as there’s nothing more inspiring to a young mind than the ability to create with their fingertips. 

     Make your own s’mores with a box as a solar oven. 

     Build a small light up wind turbine.

     Explore the use of wind power by building an anemometer and then for a little more “wind” fun create a tornado in a jar. 

It’s been proven time after time that youngsters benefit most from hands-on learning. For that reason, there’s no doubt that these hands-on science experiments will certainly captivate! That’s why spring means STEM at Sylvan. In celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we will be offering a new session of after school robotics, coding and engineering camps beginning April 16th. 

Get started today and SPRING into STEM!

It’s evident that kids today know that recycling certain items is a positive act. However, there’s one important question to consider: do they truly know why? Educating kids about the purpose behind recycling and upcycling can actually be a lot of fun, as it’s a the perfect time to let them do a little exploration with a positive cause. So, consider taking a hands-on approach and begin by getting down and dirty studying trash decomposition. A mini landfill can be built easily and junior scientists can record predictions and observations in a science journal. 
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