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Does She Need a Tutor or What?!

Sep 13, 2018

Watch for the "red flags" when it comes to your child's drop in grades — she may need more help than you know.
The school year’s rolling along and well, some of your child’s grades aren’t so good. You monitor the school’s portal so you know his scores well (too well!) and now you’re feeling concerned. Only, be careful not to transfer the worry you feel about his performance to him. He already feels disappointment about any poor grade.
Is it too soon for a tutor, or how can you ensure his success?
“The best way to help a child who feels unsuccessful in school is to give him opportunities for success outside of school,” says Teresa Flores, Ph.D., center director at Sylvan Learning Center in Murfreesboro. “Parents can also praise their children for positive academic behaviors. Even if they struggle in school, it is important to praise their efforts,” Flores adds.
But if the “red flags” are obvious (not doing homework, losing assignments, etc.) and your family’s schedule is crazy busy, some one-on-one attention from a tutor can work wonders. Sylvan offers tutoring as do several other local places. 
Your child’s teacher may offer help, but there are often other students there, too, and one-on-one time is very limited with teachers.
Perhaps the best thing to do is to e-mail your child’s teacher for suggestions. She can at least point out your child’s difficulties and help you know if tutoring is warranted.
“It’s important to talk with children and their teachers to get at the root of the issues to work on it,” says Flores.
No matter what, make sure your child knows his school work must be a priority.
“Parents can encourage their children to be academic-minded by providing supplemental educational activities,” Flores says. “If parents emphasize and value education at home, the child is likely to be influenced by that.