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Sylvan Learning offers discounted study skills course

Aug 18, 2014
MURFREESBORO – As families across the country trade beach days for school days, Sylvan Learning of Murfreesboro knows it’s time to get into the back to school mindset.
With each grade level, homework assignments get tougher, workloads get heavier and staying ahead of the curve becomes more challenging.
“There comes a point in every child’s education when the sophistication of a subject can’t be grasped immediately. We typically see this as students move through middle school and high school where more advanced study skills are needed to succeed,” said Ann Thomas, owner of Sylvan Learning located in Murfreesboro.
“We’ve found that establishing great study habits is the secret to making a big impact on a student’s performance,” she added.
While it’s often a part of the academic journey that’s overlooked, Sylvan Learning of Murfreesboro has seen how mastering effective study skills can be the “secret behind the A,” turning good students into great students.
Sylvan Learning of Murfreesboro offers the following study skills tips that parents and their children should put into action now to start the school year off right:
• Make Use of Study Tools.
• Develop a Study Process.
• Begin Using a Planner.
• Identify Teacher Expectations.
• Create a Designated Study Area.
• Know When to Get Help.
Just in time for the back to school season, Sylvan Learning of Murfreesboro is offering a new Study Skills course focused on Organization and Time Management at the special price of $199 (a $200 savings) now through Sept. 30.
During the four-week program, which includes eight sessions, students will learn time management, strategic planning skills, better organization habits, how to use an academic planner and how to properly track grades.
For additional information on Sylvan Study Skills courses and Sylvan Learning, contact Thomas at 615-893-3542.