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Advanced Reading in Peoria

Sylvan of {{center name}}'s Advanced Reading

Advanced Reading in Peoria

Transition to College-Level Courses With Ease

Have you noticed your teenager’s reading assignments and stress levels are growing? Just imagine what they will be like in college!

Help your teen make a smoother transition to accelerated coursework and college-level classes with Sylvan’s Advanced Reading Skills course. In this program, your son or daughter will learn how to master the strategic reading strategies that improve reading speed, comprehension and recall.

With Sylvan of Peoria's strategic reading skills, your teen will:

  • Feel more confident (and less stressed) about tackling big workloads
  • Become more efficient with reading assignments in advanced courses
  • Better manage his or her time on homework and tests that have heavy reading requirements — including the SAT and ACT
  • Achieve higher scores on homework, tests, and even the SAT and ACT
  • Be better prepared for college workloads and expectations

Sylvan of Peoria's Advanced Reading Skills course will give your teen an edge in high school, college and beyond.

Make a positive impact on SAT and ACT scores too

While we don’t specifically cover the SAT and ACT tests in our Advanced Reading Skills course, our programs help your teen build the reading and time management skills that contribute to higher scores and success on both tests.

Give your teen the reading skills to get ahead

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