How We Use Technology

Accelerating learning with technology

Sylvan has the most advanced technology of all supplemental education companies. And at our center in Port Washington, we use it every day to make learning more fun, accelerate your child’s progress and keep your family engaged.

Kids are digital natives. Many have been swiping screens and tapping on keyboards since, oh say, birth. When you come to Sylvan, your child will interact with great teachers and the latest technology.

What Your Child Can Expect at Sylvan

Our leading-edge technology includes:

  • SylvanSync™: Our adaptive practice sessions

  • mySylvan™: Our personalized web portals for each family

  • And our amazing STEM programs

Our technology doesn’t replace teachers. It enhances the learning process!

We use technology to:

  • Create greater interaction between your child and teacher.

  • Keep your child engaged, focused and inspired.

  • Accelerate skill mastery.

  • Keep you informed and involved every step of the way.


Combining the best in teaching and technology

With SylvanSync, we blend technology into the learning experience:

  • Sylvan-certified teachers teach your child lessons on an iPad®. This creates a much more engaging learning experience than writing on a chalkboard or piece of paper.

  • Your child completes assigned exercises on the iPad® to apply the lessons.

  • The exercises reflect your child’s personal learning plan. Unlike print worksheets, the interactive exercises adapt to your child’s pace and speed, so learning is rewarding, never frustrating.

  • Our teachers grade your child’s work and help your child understand missed answers.


Keeping your family engaged and “in the know”

Sometimes, getting information out of your kids is like pulling teeth! With that in mind, three cheers for mySylvan. It’s your family’s own personalized website that keeps everyone plugged in, even when you’re on the go.


Available anytime, anywhere, mySylvan gives you real-time information on your child’s progress. You also can view upcoming lessons.


Learning happens far beyond our centers with activities, exercises and worksheets your child can do in mySylvan at home.

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