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How Sylvan of St. Peters Personalized Tutoring Compares...

To Private Tutors.

When it comes to Personalized Tutoring, no one gets results like Sylvan.
Here are ways that Sylvan of St. Peters soars above the rest:

Results you can count on.

We’ve been delivering results for 35+ years! Our students typically see up to two to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students.

A team you can trust.

Your local educational experts use a proven process to ensure your child gets results. But we don’t just boost your child’s scores—we boost confidence too!

The best learning experience.

Your child gets a highly customized learning plan for his or her exact needs, skills and pace. We set your child up for success from the very beginning.

How do other tutors measure up?

Sylvan of St. Peters is the best choice. Here are more reasons why:
Measurement & Results Private Tutors
Proven results backed by third-party research studies
Teaching Profile & Environment
Team of education experts, including a state-certified Director of Education on staff, to ensure your student always has a tutor
Low student-to-tutor ratio
Individual, adaptive learning plans adjust in real time using advanced technology
Dedicated, professional learning environment Varies
Proven, systematic motivational rewards system for kids Varies
Educational Program Overview
Proprietary curriculum that's aligned with college and career readiness standards
Computer-adaptive assessment tests and progress assessments from nationally recognized testing partner
Tablets/digital devices used as teaching tools
Parent portal with online progress tracking
Proprietary online learning activities for kids to continue learning outside of Sylvan
Regularly-scheduled progress meetings for parents
Diversification of Programs
Reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, ACT/SAT test prep, state test prep, robotics, coding, engineering, science, college readiness and more to support the full child Varies

Proven results backed by third-party research studies

Private Tutors

Sylvan’s approach works

At Sylvan of St. Peters, we provide a personalized and engaging learning experience every step of the way. We do that through our proven approach — known as Sylvan Insight™:


Using a computer adaptive assessment, we evaluate your child’s strengths, needs, beliefs and behaviors, so we know exactly where to start.


We create a personal learning plan that’s unique to your child’s needs, so he or she can achieve success quickly.


Our expert tutors adapt to your child’s skill level and pace in real time. (Yes, those are smiles you’re seeing!)


Results matter—to you and to us! We measure and reward progress to engage your child.

All along the way, we interact with you and your child’s classroom teacher on a consistent basis. This helps ensure your child is applying the skills being learned at Sylvan in school, and you’re seeing a difference at home.

How Sylvan compares to private tutors

How do you find reliable private tutors in the St. Peters area? Can you trust they’ll deliver the outcomes you’re looking for? What if you find someone who knows one subject inside and out, but your child needs help in more than one subject?

The friendly, certified teachers at Sylvan of St. Peters not only know your local curriculum, but they’re also ready to support you with a wide range of subjects. Kids aren’t one-dimensional, and our teachers can help a variety of academic needs. Other tutors can’t say that!

And there’s a reason we’re the best-known tutoring brand. At Sylvan of St. Peters, you get a team of educational experts who use a proven process to ensure your child gets results. Plus, with our Sylvan Insight™ Assessment, we pinpoint the exact areas to focus on right away, so you can reach your goals and get results faster.

Get the results you’re looking for!

Want to Give Your Child Academic Success Today?

Call us at (636) 486-1794 or fill out this form. We'll contact you shortly to discuss your needs and ways to achieve your goals.
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