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At Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • January 13, 2021 - Rating: 10/10 Definitely, I will refer to a friend or family.

    Joan Lewis-Arciga
  • March 29, 2021 - Rating: 10/10 Great experience for my 10-year-old son. Zoom learning this past year has been a challenge. We are making up for lost time and trying to stay on track. He loves going to Sylvan. They are working on fundamentals, and he gets occasional homework help. Super flexible.

    Leona Mason
  • October 23, 2020 - Rating: 10/10 Great tutors and flexible scheduling.

    Cassandra Riera
  • My son has been there for a few weeks now and I can't believe the difference in his attitude toward learning. He actually likes going there and doesn't feel so overwhelmed about school work. Ed, the owner is very nice and serious about teaching what counts and in 9th grade, everything counts! I am so happy there is a place to back up what doesn't sink in during school!

    Lisa Detamore
  • They are super flexible with my hours. Very nice and clean. My son loves coming here he states that they are friendly staff and have patience with him.

    Adriana Sanchez
  • Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica has been instrumental in helping my 9th-grade daughter move her geometry grade up to an A while boosting her confidence in the academic process. In just a few months she was able to excel in her homework and exams. The professionalism and communication from the Santa Monica team exceeded my expectations in terms of distance learning. I'm so grateful!

    Elle Carling
  • We were searching for a writing tutor for our daughter. We were happy to find out there was a Sylvan Learning Center located in Santa Monica. We set up an assessment and that’s when we met the owner Ed, who was very welcoming and informative. We ended up signing up our younger daughter as well. Both our daughters enjoy coming here and working with Mel. They are extremely motivated by their token incentive program. We definitely recommend this place for anyone needing academic help.

    Julie Proner
  • Already seeing a huge improvement in my child’s reading and confidence.

    Kimberly Kelly
  • My son’s tutor is very professional and effective.

    Malikah & Safia Abdullah
  • My son has made so much progress in such little time Sylvan Santa Monica is the best. Ed and his team have made me feel so hopeful for my son's start of 5th grade.

    Morgan Heflin
  • My eighth-grade son was behind in math, reading, and science. For a very long time, we’ve been trying different tutors, and none of them worked. A few months after starting working with Sylvan Santa Monica, he’s at an A in everything!!! The student-friendly staff forms relationships with my son to make his learning personal, and I am so so happy with the results. Ed, the managing director, really has something special happening here. Thank you, Ed, and all the staff!

    D Aparicio-Gomez
  • My daughter has been going to many tutoring centers and this is the first time that she is actually looking forward to going to her tutoring sessions. She has improved drastically and her confidence has increased. Ed is very supportive and always gives me an update on my daughter’s progress. I highly recommend their tutoring services.

    Raya Nikjoo
  • They are very caring and my kids love going.

    Anai Garcia
  • My daughters' ages 12 and 16 started to hear a few months ago. I already see a difference in their confidence and grades. I am so thankful for this academic support for my kids, they truly love it and their teachers notice the difference as well. I recommend you give Sylvan Santa Monica a try, Ed will work with you. Ed is a great guy. He cares about the kids' education. I have siblings going and he works with us with the sessions and hours.

    Yolanda Mickens
  • Our overall experience at Sylvan was pleasurable. All tutors and employees are both respectful and professional. If an inconvenience occurs with the times of sessions, the members at Sylvan will help you come to a solution. Times and dates for sessions are lenient and compatible with your schedule. All the students have their own study plan to go at their own pace. Highly recommend looking into it.

    Zeini Garcia
  • I highly recommend sylvan to all my friends and family. My son started a couple of months ago and I have already seen a great improvement in his reading. He enjoys going there too! Ed is very professional and nice to work with.

    Jasmin Mahboubi
  • My boys just started a few weeks ago but they seem to love it. We have big hopes. Thanks to Ed and team for all their help and support.

    Michelle Gilgan
  • Thank you to Sylvan Santa Monica and Ed for making learning easy for my kids. This is a sure recommendation to anyone who wants to teach their children.

    Noshin Abdi
  • I’m so glad I made the choice for my daughter to come here. She loves it! They are amazing and everyone here is so nice. They also give my daughter piano lessons. Sylvan’s Santa Monica is a must!!!

    Shanee Campbell
  •  Ed really cares about the kids and education. They also have great summer programs and camps to help kids become leaders and build the future with integrity.

    Ansley Weller
  • Our 6 YO and 7.5 YO are having a wonderful learning experience at Sylvan SM. They adore their teachers. Ed is great to work with as he is very responsive and accommodating to schedule changes. The team here makes learning fun and engaging. Our oldest reads with great comprehension and natural expression of the storyline. Our youngest has demonstrated an aptitude for math that we hadn’t realized was there until we came to Sylvan SM. Thank you, team.

    Craig W.
  • My daughter looks forward to her classes every week. Her reading skills improved in just one month of her attending Sylvan. She was thrilled when her reading level went up at her school. Ed and the entire staff are great professionals and I appreciate all their hard work.

    Vania Williams
  • Great program, I am very happy with the results. Highly recommend it. Thank you

    Yeny Umana
  • My 6th grader & 10th grader started going to Sylvan learning Santa Monica in March. They are improving in multiple subjects. Algebra 2, reading comprehension, writing, and more they feel comfortable here and it’s a nice place to get help for your child this is the #1 tutoring place on the Westside of Los Angeles & #1 in Santa Monica keep up the great work Ed

    Mr. Rabun’s Journey
  • The team has been really helpful and thoughtful. A week ago, we were desperately looking for a place and luckily we found Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica.

    Yeray Taína Vásquez
  • My kids needed the extra help after going through the pandemic and being out of a structured classroom. We decided some one-on-one tutoring would help. My kids enjoyed going and were able to get their grades up by the end of the year. It really helped with their confidence since they were both going to be moving on to the next level of schooling and preparing them for what is to come the following year. We will continue with the tutoring into the next year to make sure they continue to be on track.

    Melissa Selim
  • My daughter loves to come here to improve her reading and comprehension skills and to take some piano lessons. The staff is wonderful to deal with. Thank you!

    Susie Eun
  • They are super professional and we love this place! The manager Ed is not only helpful in many ways ( he’s so flexible about the schedule) but also so knowledgeable that gives us so many useful tips about all the overwhelming curriculum planning for the high school, targeting college admissions. My daughter says she feels like learning a lot and I can tell her academic confidence is increasing.

    Yoko Sekiguchi
  • Sylvan was wonderful and helped my son succeed in Geometry this summer. Without the tutors at Sylvan, he would have struggled for a passing grade. They are flexible, friendly, and know how to effectively teach. Thank you, Sylvan.

    Lance S.
  • I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found Sylvan Learning Center. They have transformed my kid's attitude towards schoolwork and learning. From the moment we walked in, Ed (the manager) greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm, setting the tone for what turned out to be an exceptional experience. Aside from academic support, Ed goes above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I would highly recommend this center to anyone looking to help their children receive excellent academic support.

    Ira Broome
  • I have just learned the results of my grandson QUIMAR F. receiving tutoring from ED at Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica. He is being tutored in math and physics but has accomplished so much more, his study habits have improved and his confidence is greater since starting high school, I wish that I could rate Sylvan Learning more than 5 stars.

    Anderson Booker
  • Thank you to Ed at the Santa Monica Sylvan Learning Center. Ed is quite amazing! He has helped my Grandson Quimar F. Tremendously in gaining confidence with his after-school homework. Thanks to Ed, my Grandson Quimar has been thriving in all subjects, especially math! Physics is now a breeze! I can't thank Ed enough.

    Roz Booker
  • I can’t stress enough how amazing this center is. Ed and his staff have given my son so much confidence in all of his high school classes. The money is well worth it. I highly recommend this Santa Monica Center. Love you guys, Ed 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    Quimar Faniel
  • Ed and his team have been amazing. I was desperate when I decided to call. After just a few visits year my daughter's confidence in all her subjects was up. She had a positive outlook on schoolwork. Even her teacher mentioned it to her. By the end of last school year, her grades were all the way back up to A’s. The best part is we don’t fight anymore about schoolwork. We will continue this program!

    Michelle Hayflich
  • Thanks to Ed and his staff, my son is doing great! They always make sure he understands what is being taught and he really enjoys coming here.

    Pedro Morales
  • Ed and his staff have been very supportive of my kids’ academic challenges. They love attending every session and teachers are really good at explaining concepts in a way students understand.

    Noriko Kodaka
  • My son is benefiting from Sylvan to help fill the gaps in math and reading. He enjoys the Santa Monica office, and the staff is engaging, which keeps him motivated to return.

    Carrie Segal
  • During the pandemic, my son was struggling to keep up with online schooling. Once classes resumed, I noticed he couldn’t keep up with the school curriculum. I started to search for a way to help my son build a stronger academic foundation. I tried a few other tutoring programs and nothing seemed to work. I finally decided to give Sylvan a try. I noticed that within just a few weeks. My son started to improve not only in the subjects he was struggling with but also with his confidence. Sylvan has been working one on one with my son and helping him achieve many educational goals. I am so glad we made this choice for our son. 10/10 recommend. The staff is very patient and kind. Best investment yet! Education is wealth.

    Esmeralda Armijo
  • Sylvan Santa Monica offers great services that have helped my son improve in all areas of his schoolwork. I have tried other services but my son seemed to like this the best. Thank you very much for all you have done to help. I highly recommend their services to any other parent.

    Olga Esquivel
  • This is a great place for spelling/reading tutoring! The staff is very nice and easy to work with.

    Andrea Andrea
  • Sylvan Santa Monica has amazing tutoring aid for high school students enrolled in rigorous courses.

  • Simply-put, Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica is MIRACULOUS!! And it all stems from its amazing manager, Ed! His wisdom, kindness, and care for his students (and their parents) is unparalleled! We discussed my challenges and goals for my son and Ed connected him to a couple of incredible young tutors! From day 1, my son was excited to attend the sessions and always walks out inspired and proud of himself! All I can say is that I wish we had found Sylvan Learning of Santa Monica earlier in my son’s schooling, but I am BEYOND thankful to have found it at all!

    Rhonda Ross
  • Ed and his staff have helped us for years. The thing I appreciate most is their ability to address each of my child’s needs, as they all have different challenges.

    Kelly KeBo
  • Lovely to have such a caring and supportive team to help prepare for school!

    Sonia Kazarova
  • Improvements by leaps and bounds in a short time. My son even thinks math is fun now.

    Heather J McAdams
  • Great my son loves it!

    Tanya Pemberton
  • Sylvan has been a better learning environment for my daughters. They help the kids. My daughters with homework, reading, writing, and any other skills they need improvement in. It’s very convenient for the child and their learning habits. It makes the children want to be more involved in school. Another thing I enjoy is that they have Piano classes. My daughter is so interested and she’s enjoying herself. I recommended to all parents to try it. You won’t regret it.

    Kelly Lucero
  • Ed at Sylvan goes above and beyond every day to make sure each of their students is in front and winning the academic race! The teachers are impressive here.


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