Programs at School with Schaumburg

Programs at School with Schaumburg

Programs to Meet Your Needs

If anyone knows how hard you work to provide children with the education they deserve, it's us. As a leading educational partner, we spend a lot of time in local schools, providing targeted support to students. For us, there is no greater goal than to see children achieve success.

We know that educators and families are currently facing the daunting task of overcoming the longest and most profound disruption to student education we have witnessed in modern history.

Now more than ever, we’re committed to helping our local schools and districts meet our students’ needs. Here’s how we can help:

Academic Intervention: SylvanSync™ Individualized Reading and Math for Grades 1-12

We offer a diverse range of systematic and explicit Instruction designed for Tier II and Tier III intervention programs to meet the needs and budgets of your school or organization.

  • Our programs are set up for a 3:1 maximum student to teacher ratio and utilizes SylvanSync, our proprietary digital teaching platform that utilizes normative assessments, learning progressions, adaptive learning plans and formative assessments to deliver a completely personalized learning experience based on each student’s individual needs. 
  • Our proprietary curriculum aligns to college and career readiness standards, and it correlates to most state standards. You can preview our curriculum here.

Academic Intervention: Ace it!
Small Group Reading and Math Intervention for Grades K-8

Ace it! is an engaging, effective and efficient intervention program designed specifically to address the needs of under-performing students. Assessments determine placement and are used to measure growth throughout the program and to drive instructional decisions.

  • These small group, 8:1 maximum student to teacher ratio programs remediate specific skill deficits in mathematics and reading. Teachers provide direct and explicit instruction with immediate feedback, scaffolding and strategic questioning.
  • The Ace it! curricula enables systematic, intensive and explicit instruction based on the critical components of effective programs as defined in the most current research and best practices. You can preview the Ace it! curriculum here.

College and Career Readiness

Sylvan’s College and Career Readiness curriculum is designed to help high schools get their students not only ready for their college entrance exams, but for the rigors of college curricula, the challenges they face as freshmen and the skills needed to excel in 21st century careers.

  • Our ACT® and SAT® prep programs help students master not only test-taking strategies, but we also focus on improving students’ individual competency needs. Our integrated approach combines teacher-led direct instruction with personalized online lesson plans on to help focus students on where they need the most help and increase test scores. We include full-length practice tests for to help identify areas where students need support and practice. Administrative reporting features help you keep track of student scores and activities.
  • Our Advanced Study Skills curriculum focuses on the higher order thinking skills that students need to excel in the 21st century. We offer nine modules to help your students develop critical skills for high school, college and career success. Each module focuses on a different skill group. The modules can be packaged together to focus on the skills your students need most. Throughout the program, we’ve embedded questions and activities that prompt critical thinking and metacognition, motivating students to achieve a deeper level of understanding and skills internalization.

These modules include:

    1. Study skills and goal-setting essentials
    2. Improved organization and time management
    3. Reading for school success
    4. Powerful communication and presentations
    5. Note-taking strategies that work
    6. Test-taking with confidence
    7. Writing to win (including research papers)
    8. Navigating the digital world
    9. Conquering college and university admissions

STEM Learning

If you’re looking for a partner for STEM, you’ll get a full breadth of STEM enrichment programs that inspire learning and imagination through hands-on, engaging activities while integrating common STEM concepts and terminology. And, our proprietary STEM curriculum aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, so what students learn in our classes will make an impact in school. All of our programs ensure that students:

  • Learn basic computer programming, while analyzing, troubleshooting and solving critical challenges.
  • Are challenged and increase problem solving skills through problem formulation and testing of various solutions.
  • Learn collaboration and communication skills by working with partners to build and deconstruct projects.

Our programs include:

  • Robotics & Science for grades 2-6, using LEGO® Education WeDo™
    Students use scientific practices to explore, examine and explain how and why things occur. Students then use robotics and basic computer programming to investigate possible solutions to real-world challenges.
  • Coding for grades 3-8, using Tynker Technology
    Students use programming principles along with computational and critical thinking skills to learn how to code and design video games and apps.
  • Engineering for grades 1-6, using K’NEX®
    Students engage in projects using engineering and architectural concepts that inspire their creative thinking, apply critical thinking and build valuable STEM skills. Sessions are structured with a focus on three-dimensional learning, and lessons utilize the engineering process to challenge students to build, test and redesign their creations.

Take the Next Step

For us, there is no greater goal than partnering with you to see children achieve success. Let’s explore how our programs can help you meet your students’ needs. To learn about all our programs, reach out to us today!

The SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board® and the ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., neither of which were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this product.

This program conducted by Sylvan Learning is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by LEGO® Education or the LEGO® Group.

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